Friday, August 7, 2009

A Short Confession

Three criminal habits of Tim Maleeny:

I'm currently in Germany visiting castles with my kids, severely jetlagged and semi-coherent, so I'll keep this short. I share many of the vaguely endearing yet mildly annoying habits on Kelli's list, and like all crime writers I not only think terrbile thoughts, I actually write them down. But here are three more innocuous but defining character flaws...

I am addicted to caffeine in all its forms and have no intention of weening myself off this wonder drug, which might be the only reason my heart continues to beat, albeit at an accelerated rate.

I buy more books than I could ever read in one lifetime, even if I did nothing else. I have considered becoming a vampire to solve this dilemma, since one benefit of being immortal is all that reading time. But even if I never get to all of them, I love being surrounded by books. And I wonder, if I just consume enough caffeine (see habit from previous paragraph), could I at least work my way through that stack of books on my nightstand.

I procrastinate as if today will never end and tomorrow will never come. Deadlines? More than once I've found myself wishing I spent fewer hours procrastinating and more building a time machine — then I could put something off until tomorrow, get it done at some point in the distant future, and then come back in time so it would be done yesterday.

Why else would I put off this blog entry until I was half a world away?


Rebecca Cantrell said...

Have fun in those castles, Tim!

Don't put off taking pictures of them though. And Germans have lots of good caffeine, so you should be safe.

I am constantly trying to break my caffeine addiction.

Cheryl said...

Now I know why there was no answer to my recent e-mail, and why I enjoy your books.
You and I have very similar vices. I am addicted to caffeine - Thank God for the Coffee shop at the Grand Hyatt.
I am addicted to books. I will have to live to be 120 to read all the ones I have now, and I just keep adding to the piles.
I, too, am a procrastinator. I pulled my most recent all-nighter (2 of them in fact) getting my book to the publisher on time.
Enjoy your trip!!

Leslie said...

I seem to share many of your criminal habits too... caffeine? Check. (Preferably Peets, it gives one a reason to get up in the morning!). Books? Check. (shelves overflowing, stacks by the night stand. BTW, Thank you for the lovely addition! I've got a copy from BP already, so I will use this one to introduce a friend to your books!) Procrastination? Got that one covered too. That's the only one of the three I'd like to get rid of... let me know if you discover a cure! ;-)

Enjoy Germany, I haven't made it there yet... but it is on the list!