Monday, September 7, 2009

Sure, it's research, but the food is good

If I could invite three characters to dinner, who would they be and what would be on the menu?

I’ve been feeling cut off from my German inspiration here on the island, so I would have a German night.

The menu would be provided by Laslzo from “Gloomy Sunday: Ein Lied von Liebe und Tod.” It would be his famous rouladen with gravy, potato dumplings, red cabbage and Brussel sprouts.

To my right would be any role that Sebastian Koch has ever played (if CJ gets George Clooney...). He could be that sympathetic SS command from “Black Book” or that upright playwright from “The Lives of Others” or “Stauffenberg” or “Speer” depending on how he was feeling. Any of them would be a treasure trove of information for my book, although Ludwig Muentze would be my first choice. Muenzte could tell me about the command structure of the Nazi army, and how he managed to secure such a plum post in Holland.

Next to him would be his partner, Carice van Houten (hey, I’m happily married) so I could beg her to be Hannah Vogel in the movie made from my book. Based on her work in “Black Book” and “Valkyrie,” she’d be perfect. And I’d really love a few minutes with Rachel/Ellis to ask her about life as a spy in Holland in World War II and where she played as a singer. What would she have for me for tips and tricks to navigate through an occupied country collecting information while staying one step ahead of the occupiers?

Finally, I’d like to have that creepy Colonel Landa from “Ridiculous Basterds.” I wouldn’t be alone with him, mind you, and I would have to have Ryan Lock from “Lockdown” working security to keep an eye on him, but I think he would definitely hold up his end of the conversation. After dinner, I’d send him quickly back to the land of fiction, but the others could stay for tea and apple strudel. Then we could invite over Salley Bowles and Clifford from “Cabaret” and find a good place to go dancing.


Jen Forbus said...

You might need a mediator for that dinner party, Rebecca! ;) Of course they'll all be indulging in that awesome menu...

CJ Lyons said...

I think Jen is right--you might want to hold your dinner at the UN Plaza!!

But it definitely doesn't sound boring, that's for certain!!!

Unknown said...

I can't believe you saw Inglorious Basterds! Yikes! Somebody owes you a girlie movie!

Rebecca Cantrell said...

Good morning, Jen! A mediator would not be a bad idea at all. Two Nazis, although neither very committed, a spy, and me. It's enough to give anyone indigestion.

Rebecca Cantrell said...

Hi CJ!

The UN Plaza...hmm...they have metal detectors and everything.

It wouldn't be as...stimulating as dinner with all those Bonds, that's for sure.

But enlightening.

Rebecca Cantrell said...

Hola Mysti!

There ARE no girlie movies out in Kona right now. It's mighty slim pickings. We saw District 9 last week, which I quite liked.

Of course I did spend a big part of INGLOURIOUS and DISTRICT with my head turned away from the screen saying "Is it over yet?" Good thing the theaters weren't very full. I'd be laughed out on teenager night.

Leslie said...

Gee, and I thought that I enjoyed my research! You really know how to approach your subject!

BTW, no whining about available movie selection when you're living in paradise! I've lived there, I know the rules about these things! ;-)

Rebecca Cantrell said...

Ma'am, yes, ma'am, Leslie! And we do have Netflix in paradise, so no complaints. Watched Dexter on it just last night. Started wondering if I should install a serial-killer-proof alarm system too.

Leslie said...

Hmmm, that is not a bad idea... I think you are safe from Dexter, you don't meet his criteria... wait a minute... how well do I really know you?

If you're worried, maybe we should be worried too! ;-)

Are you watching Season 3? I just finished Season 2 and am dying (well maybe not dying! Bad word choice!) to get started with Season 3!

Deep into a bath remodel though, so may have to wait a bit.

Criminal Minds said...

We're halfway through Season 3. but we desperately need to remodel the bathroom, so clearly our priorities are wrong. :)

I don't fit Dexter's criteria, but he has friends...

Leslie said...

My remodel has been desperately needed for some time! They worked on it all weekend, and I hoped to have a working shower at the end of the weekend, but looks like I'm going to be visiting friends with my shower cap this week!

The fixtures & tiles are coming together... this is my first remodel projects so wasn't sure how it would all turn out! It is looking good so far, except for that working shower thing ;-)

Next weekend should be finishing shower, tiling, and hopefully the sink and toilet. Then on to the next project!

Criminal Minds said...

Remember that the grout has to dry out before it can be sealed and then the sealant has to dry before you can shower. Better keep a good eye on that shower cap. You might be needing it longer than you think.

Last time I did a bathroom remodel we discovered 1) the subfloor was damaged and had to be replaced and 2) Hearst newspaper clippings from 1929 in the wall. The contractor knew, even then, that I would appreciate them and saved the tiny scraps for me. For the next remodel I'm only hoping we don't find bugs.

Leslie said...

I thought the floors were going to show big problems under the tub, and the first layer was shot, but all the support was fine, so they just put down new stuff under the tub and on we go to the other side of the room... not good news about the sealing and waiting... I'm already missing the shower!

No cool stuff like a 1920's newspaper so far... my house is old enough to be old, just not old enough to be cool. It does have nice hardwood floors and a view, but it isn't a painted lady or a craftsman bungalow. Sigh. I can say it will be much cooler when I finish with it!

I can relate to the bug wish, but I fear you're in for disappointment in the bug department... remember, you're living in Hawaii! ;-)

I still remember my Mom's reaction when she walked into our house's kitchen for the inspection. I'd never seen a cockroach before, but she had... just not that big! She didn't say a word, turned on her heel and went back to the car. I still don't know how my Dad talked her into staying! To this day, flour and sugar are kept sealed in the fridge!

Criminal Minds said...

Glad your floor wasn't damaged. Those repairs get costly. :)

I know, I know, we'll find bugs. I just don't want to think about it.

Kelli Stanley said...

Just in time for Oktoberfest, and Cantrell's got me yearning for sausage, streudel and a pint of some frothy brew!! ;)

Ah, well ... guess I'll have to go watch The Sound of Music instead. ;)

Loved it, Becks!!


Uriah Robinson said...

Rebecca you got a feature post on Petrona

I would have posted myself but Maxine got in ahead of me, she obviously gets up earlier. It might have been the mention of George Clooney and Sebastian Koch that got her attention. ;o)
My own dinner party would have to have Hannah Vogel aka Carice van Houten especially after her performance in Black Book.