Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Casting Couch

Gabriella Herkert
Catnapped and Doggone

When, not if, my Animal Instinct series is picked up by Hollywood, I shall have script and cast approval. Okay, so I haven’t taken my medication today but any writer who tells you they haven’t imagined accepting the Oscar for best screenplay adaptation from a previously published work is telling you a…fiction. Of course, I’ve thought about it. I’ve also changed my mind more often than my socks. And if I’m really honest, I’d admit that the role of Connor might actually end up as one of those tawdry casting couch stories that gets whispered about at A-list parties. But enough about my imaginary breach of ethics. If Catnapped and Doggone were green-lighted today, here are the professionals I’d be chasing.

Sandra Bullock in Speed mode would make a good Sara. She can bring the social awkwardness displayed in Two Weeks’ Notice and the ass-whooping attitude of Miss Congeniality. Another contender is Carla Gugino. She’s shown the run away for passion thing in the Buccaneers and handled the too hot Antonio Banderas in Spy Kids without visible singeing. My dark horse would be Emily Deschanel. Yes, I know, Kathy Reichs already has her locked in as Dr. Temperance Brennan on Bones, but she’s funny without trying and never, ever stays in the car while the bad guys are busy flexing. She’d need to polish up her conversational skills but I think she’s already got the I want to get naked with you look thing down even if she never acts on it with the boy scout Booth.

Ah, Connor. As I mentioned, auditions will be in person and may take a while. Here’s where I confess I used an actor as my physical prototype for Sara’s man with a plan. Not many people know this but Connor was added as a character after the first draft of Catnapped was written. It’s why the relationship was so abrupt. I slid Connor in after the fact. My Connor fa├žade is an actor named Barry Pepper. Both his take charge attitude and blonde good looks in Enemy of the State gave me a blueprint for the fabulous Mr. McNamara. Of course, in my version, Connor’s got a better moral compass. Still without that good boy streak but every bit as tantalizing is Aaron Eckhart, particularly in his guise from Conversations with Other Women. Let’s face it. Anyone who could make women want to jump a tobacco lobbyist has got the charisma necessary to be the man of my, I mean Sara’s, dreams. Of course, if Brad Pitt is available…

Russ is Jesse L. Martin’s role if he wants it. He sings. He dances. He has a smile that lights up the room. He doesn’t even need to read. He is Russ.

The part of Felix will be played by Miss Kitty from the Closer. I hear she’s out of work and therefore available. No one does feline Camille like MK.

For anyone looking ahead to book three, Horsewhipped, think James Purefoy, Jeremy Sisto or Henry Cavill for the part of Simon. They’re good and I’m bad. As it should be.



Jen Forbus said...

Jesse L. Martin IS wonderful! I want to hear him sing more...after hearing him in RENT, I was weak in the knees.

Would Hugh Jackman work for Simon? He's another man with many talents. But I really like Jeremy Sisto, too!

Emily is wonderful...what if you just did a total steal from Kathy Reichs and grabbed Emily and David? ;)

Fun stuff, Gabi! Thanks!

Gabi said...

Heck, I'll write a character just for Hugh if he'll agree to play it!

Jen Forbus said...

hehehe! I would, too, Gabi!