Monday, October 12, 2009

Hurray for Hollywood!

If you're picked up by Hollywood and they're making a tv series of your series, cast the characters.

Yikes! I've been dreading this question! I'm a huge movie buff, both classic and obscure, and tend to identify actors/actresses with their movies.

Cary Grant isn't just Cary Grant, there's the Cary Grant of Bringing Up Baby or Holiday, such a very different person from the Cary Grant of North by Northwest or To Catch a Thief.

But I'll give it a shot.

Lydia is easy. She's of mixed heritage and thus has exotic dark features. And she's strong, passionate, never passive, always on the move. Who else but Jessica Alba could play her?

Nora, hmm….a bit rigid, focused on responsibility, strong, self-contained, she wants to show her emotions, especially love, but is frightened of the consequences. Complex and intense. Just like a young Katherine Hepburn from Spitfire or Sylvia Scarlett.

Amanda should be easy—she's a combination of a rebel and a steel Magnolia. Innocent but not na├»ve, an optimist but able to face reality and deal with it. Grace Kelly with a touch of Katherine Heigl to soften her….oh, yes, Reese Witherspoon would be perfect!

Gina. Always the wild child, refusing to be labeled. She works so hard to both rebel and live up to everyone's expectations that she isn't sure who she really is….and is afraid that she might not like the answer. Maybe the most complex of all my characters, much more to her than what you see on the surface. A young Cicely Tyson.

As for the guys, they're a bit easier.

Trey has always been Gary Dourdan from the first season of CSI (who could resist those eyes!). Seth is Tom Cruise from Jerry Maguire. Lucas is a young Timothy Hutton. Jerry is Jason O'Mara, and Ken is Gerard Butler from, well, anything.

Wow, if we could pull it off (all we'd need is a time machine and permission from SAG) what a can't miss cast that would be!!!

So which of your favorite books would you like to see turned into a Hollywood spectacular?

Thanks for reading!

About CJ:
About CJ:
As a pediatric ER doctor, CJ Lyons has lived the life she writes about in her cutting edge suspense novels. Her debut, LIFELINES (Berkley, March 2008), became a National Bestseller and Publishers Weekly proclaimed it a "breathtakingly fast-paced medical thriller."

The second in the series, WARNING SIGNS, was released January, 2009 and the third, URGENT CARE, is due out October, 2009. Contact her at


Jen Forbus said...

You would need a nice chunk of change for that cast, too, CJ! LOL

I have to admit that these days I cringe when I hear a book I love is being made into a movie. I'm happy for the author and the success that comes with that achievement but almost every movie of a book I love has really let me down, that includes GONE BABY GONE and ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST, which many people really like.

However, I do very much like the BONES tv series. I think, though, that it's so significantly different from the books that I can see them as two separate entities.

I must have a bit of masochistic nature in me, though, because despite being let down time after time after time, I still go see the movies hoping one will turn out to be the next TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD! ;)

CJ Lyons said...

Hey, Jen! I know what you mean--but you're right, if you can divorce yourself from the book and the movie, it really helps. A lot of times I can enjoy them both on their own merits.

See you at Bouchercon!

PK the Bookeemonster said...

I love how you qualify your actors from specific movies/shows/time periods. :)
And I agree about Gerard Butler though I love him best from 300.