Sunday, October 11, 2009

Let's Play Twister

Gabriella Herkert
Catnapped and Doggone

Would I spin off any of my characters? I might not have to. Some of them seem to spin themselves plenty without me.

Take Russ from my Animal Instinct mystery series. The guy simply does whatever the heck he wants. He was supposed to just be the best friend sounding board. Then, he developed a smart mouth. Next, he took up pranking followed shortly thereafter by getting a life of his own. He grew beyond a character, past an after-thought. You know him or at least someone like him. The one person in your life who simply cannot remain off-stage even for a second. He sings carols at Christmas loud enough for Santa to hear, jumps into fountains fully clothed in celebration of job promotions and initiates spontaneous clapping at weddings to see if the guests will play along. This is someone who demands his own story. Maybe it would be a mystery. Those in the thick of things tend to end up in the wrong place at the wrong time but it wouldn’t have to be. For the Russ’ of my world, there are no limits.

My characters aren’t the only ones I want to spin off. For example, how did Milo Sturgis end up best friends with Alex Delaware in Jonathan Kellerman’s books? What were the years before Milo was out like on the police force? How did he get together with Rick? It’s not Alex’ story, it’s Milo’s and I’d really like to know. Hint, hint.

What is the deal with Eleanor Wish in the Harry Bosch books? He seems like a decent guy, well when he’s not drinking anyway. Good job. Nice house with a view. Yeah, he works a lot but she could do worse and I think there’s a book in her decision to walk away. Maybe it could go in the self-help section of the bookstore.

Or if you want to go with a darker tale of psychological madness, what about that Mrs. Danvers from Rebecca? First of all, how did an obvious lunatic pass the first interview? I know it was only a housekeeper’s job but couldn’t the deWinter’s tell her chimney didn’t quite sweep? And the obsession…step at a time or adoration at first sight? Okay, so maybe she’s not the only obsessed one but, dang, I bet she’s got some real dillies to tell. After all, she’s been creeping up and down the stairs at Manderly for years not being noticed. There’s a reason housekeeper’s are in charge of the dirty laundry. I’d read that book in a second.

So, authors and heroes, spin and twist and twirl to your heart’s content. Heck, put your left hand on red and your right foot on green. Shift the kaleidoscope of characters and spin a new yarn. I’ll read them all.



Shane Gericke said...

I vote for Milo Sturgis, too. He's a fascinating character who plays well with Alex Delaware, yet he'd be great on his own.

Also Francine Neagley, the strong and silent ex-military cop from the Lee Child novels. She's even more deadly than Jack Reacher, yet we know so little about her. I'd like to see her in a book by herself.

Good stuff!

Gabi said...

I'd like to know about Francine, too, and I'd rather learn about it on the page than just run into her. I'm with you, she's got some serious serious about her.

Jen Forbus said...

I'm another fan of the idea of a Milo Sturgis story. I just love Milo. I've always found him more interesting than Alex, actually. Sorry Jonathan. I like Alex, but Milo...he's fascinating!

I've been on a Louise Penny kick lately and so I'd like to know about Beauvoir. His character is wonderful...I think I identify with him, too, maybe that's why! LOL

I just love that there are so many potential stories out there to be told. I'm listening...I'm ready to read them...(hint, hint!) :)

Gabi said...

We love that you're lying in wait, Jen. Type, type.