Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Get me a drink ... or I'll start talking Dirty

But first! In honor of Valentine's Day on Sunday, I present one of the funniest explanations I've ever read about the origins of ol' VD. It's from "It's Me, Margie," over at The Lipstick Chronicles blog. Here's the link, but before I sign off, a big ol' smooch to the ladies of CM and a hearty handshake to the gents, cause that's the way I roll, baby:


Those three little words I love to hear while working?




With a splash of

No sugar, foam or whip.
No caramel, chocolate, Irish creme, hazelnut, blackberry, doughnut, or anything else that smells like it should hang from the rearview mirror of my Civic.

Just plain old Joe, if you please.

It'll taste better if you join me.
For that's the true glory of coffee: the companions it brings to my table.

I wish I was wordsmith enough to describe the utter joy of the morning's first sip. Of the gentle caress of hot porcelain on my winter-chilly hand. Of the abstract art the half-and-half makes becoming One with the liquid black.

But I am not skilled enough. I am not worthy.

So let me introduce you to someone who is. Who can perfectly explain what I like to call,

An Ode to (Leaded) Coffee

Enjoy. And please be sure to watch it all. The ending
is the cream in this digital coffee.

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Terry said...

Thanks for the link on the history of Valentine's day. It was fun.

And your new website looks great. Liked the blog entry on your parents and growing up when and where you did.