Sunday, June 20, 2010

Double Your Pleasure

Gabi asks: I want to know what Simon Wood and Simon Janus have in common and how they are different. Are we talking multiple personality disorder or just imaginary friends?

Simon Wood and Simon Janus are very similar people. They're both the same height. They look very much the same. They share the same social security number and bank account. And they both cast shadows, contrary to popular belief.

Where they differ is in the stories these Simons tell. The Simons have slightly differing world views. Simon Wood thinks in terms of crime and personal responsibility. People are the products of their decisions. If they make the right decisions and have a little luck along with it, then things go smoothly, but if they take a wander off the straight and narrow and bump into some bad luck along the way, then things go plenty askew. Those little indiscretions have a habit of catching up with us. Secrets and lies tend to get exposed. It’s how we, as people, deal with those scenarios that Simon Wood is fascinated by. Anyone who thinks they are immune from personal calamity is a fool. That’s what Simon Wood thinks.

Simon Janus runs a little colder than Simon Wood. Simon Wood’s stories feature characters who have some control over their destinies. Simon Janus’ characters don’t. In the fictional world of Simon Janus, fate runs everything and the only luck is bad. People are cast out from their normal lives and tossed into environments that they are entirely ill-equipped to combat. While this might seem very dark, there is light in guise of the characters. Their struggle against overwhelming odds is beguiling to the reader. It’s the actions of the people that counts. People are capable of achieving anything regardless of the situation. It’s something both Simons agree on.

So it’s not a case of me exploring my dark side, it’s a matter of one Simon exploring the dark side and the other exploring an even darker side.

I’m not sure I like this thing of talking about myselves in the third person. Isn't that sign of insanity? I may have to check with myself.

Yours in tandem,
Simon Wood and Simon Janus
PS: For those joining the party late, anyone who leaves a comment, your name will go into a draw to win a copy of my latest book, Terminated. I'll draw two names two names tonight and announce the winners tomorrow.


Mary@GigglesandGuns said...

Ok, Simon/Simon/Simon, you have succeeded in raising my curiosity to the to the two books added to the TBR list (one is on the top not telling which).

Giggles and Guns

Gabi said...

You may have to check yourself and yourself but I'm not sure you're qualified to do the diagnosis here. A dark and darker side, hmmm. Well, it works for chocolate...and you. Thanks for playing with us this week and good luck with Terminated. Looking forward to another Simon production in October.

simon said...

Mary: I'll make a fan of you yet...

Gabi: Thanks and you're probably right.

simon said...

mary: you've won a copy of TERMINATED in my drawer.

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