Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Shits & Giggles, Inc.

by Josh

Welcome to the HQ of Shits & Giggles, Incorporated, where we specialize in turns of phrase and twists of plot. We'll begin our tour right where it all starts. Oh, and watch your head. There be modifiers dangling.

And here we are at S&G's R&D. That's right. Here we do our research and development. Don't mind that imp-like fellow in the corner. That's Josh C. He's the brains behind the operation (although you wouldn't know it from that faraway look in his eyes). Do the other two folks here look familiar? They should. Josh is all about nepotism. That's his father Alan C. and his brother Seth C. They, along with visiting director Amber H
, are our beta testers. It is they who assure that our products are of the highest quality.

Once our product gets the thumbs-up from R&D, it then gets passed up to our union rep, Jud L. That's his office over there. Notice all the phone lines. But don't let the fact that the office door is only open 15% fool you. Jud is hard at work securing and maintaining the best interests of addle-minded Josh C., making sure his work finds it way to the appropriate packaging department, which actually is our next destination.

Still with me? Great. So here is one of our packaging departments. Most people are unaware of this, but our packaging department actually is broken up into several different work team. For example, over there by that bank of Macs is our art team. What's that? You want to meet our sales team. Well, that might be a little difficult
because they're out in the field. They're always out in the field, fortifying contacts with our various distributors. It may all seem a little chaotic here in packaging, but it's all carefully calibrated and maintained by our foreperson Miranda I. Everything that happens here goes before her eyes. But don't think that all this power goes to her head. You'd be surprised how often she's in contact with Josh C., insuring that his original vision is preserved.

I can see by the look on your face that you think we're at the end of our tour. It's a common misconception. Foregoing our valuable distributors, there is still one more vital department here at Shits & Giggles, Inc. and it's actually our largest division. After all, where would our products be without a public to buy them, appreciate them, and, sometimes, give us feedback? Not even the vacuum industry exists in a vacuum.

So that's the sum total. I hope you found it as fascinating as we do. Oh, before I forget, we actually have a new product coming out on the market in September. It's the first in a new series and we have high hopes about its success. Make sure you give it a try. Meanwhile, we'll be here, hard at work, hand-in-hand.

Have a pleasant day.


Now it's time to abandon my little metaphor and announce that on this very day, one of our own criminal minds has a new novel appearing in a bookstore near you. A Night of Long Knives is Rebecca Cantrell's sequel to her award-winning novel A Trace of Smoke.

Here is the back copy:

Journalist Hannah Vogel has vowed to never again set foot in her homeland of Germany while the Nazis are still in power. She has good reason: three years ago in 1931, she kidnapped her “son,” Anton, from the man claiming to be his father--Ernst Rohm, head of the Nazis' SA. A powerful man not to be trifled with, Hannah knows that Rohm will never stop searching for them.

Hannah is asked to write about a zeppelin journey from South America to Switzerland, but Switzerland turns out to be too close. The zeppelin is diverted to Munich, where

Hannah and Anton are kidnapped and, to Hannah's horror, separated.

It’s unlucky timing for Rohm, however. Hitler has ordered the execution of Rohm and hundreds of his storm troopers and is determined to wipe out any remaining traces of his name. The Night of the Long Knives has begun.

When Rohm is killed before Hannah can ascertain Anton’s whereabouts, she desperately enlists all of her remaining sources and friends to locate Anton before the Nazis do. And the Gestapo is closing in…

Thrilling and powerful, A Night of Long Knives breathtakingly recreates a shattered and betrayed city as it plunges into darkness.

If you just can't wait to get to a bookstore, you may click here to purchase a copy online.


Anonymous said...

I loved TRACE OF SMOKE and I'm getting this one! Thanks for the post!

Meredith Cole said...

Congrats Rebecca! Hope the launch day is going great. I know the book has been raking in some rave reviews...

Rebecca Cantrell said...

Thanks for the org chart, Josh! And also the mention of A Night of Long Knives! I can't believe it's finally here. So far, the excitement of a new book never gets old!

Also, thanks Rebbie and Meredith!

Terry Stonecrop said...

Funny metaphor!

And it sounds like a great story from Rebecca. Nazi Germany is a fascinating study on the dark side of human nature. She must have had to do a lot of research.