Monday, July 26, 2010

Casual Interest

Gabriella Herkert
Catnapped and Doggone

You caught me. It's not my usual blog day and I am completely off topic. Yes, I have (temporarily) hijacked the blog. Think of me as the Alexander Haig of cyberspace. The kinder explanation is that I am researching. Maybe I'm plotting a high-tech defamation leads to murder scenario. Or I could be working on a new identity theft. Then again, it might just be the first Monday I could ever get my act together. Many are the explanations. Pick your favorite.

I wanted to thank Stephen for being such a good stand in. If you missed the ever inciteful Shane's comments from late last week, Stephen as a house guest is without peer. He picks up his wet towels from the bathroom floor without being asked but some of Shane's scotch is apparently missing. Like any of us believe that was Stephen.

Since I'm going off the cuff today, I thought I'd talk about how being a mystery writer changes the way you interact with people. I've spent a fair amount of time checking out true gore in crime scenes and autopsies to make sure that my books read believably. All of which is interesting and great. But over the last couple of weeks a friend of mine has had some medical setbacks including two surgeries. There's been draining lymphatic fluid and necrotic tissue and secondary infections. All of which I've documented with my handy iPhone while asking a hundred questions like how deep can you probe into his foot while it is gaping open and he isn't under the influence of anesthesia or any pain killer? When the doctor makes the incision will she remove bone to the metatarsals with a scapel or a drill? These are very good questions and the type of questions I have no doubt every health care practitioner has fielded from a well-informed, trained doctor/family member. When it's just a family friend who wants a better view with camera in hand who is also their lawyer, people go strange. Really strange.

At first I didn't notice. I was busy with the zoom lens. Then, the silence reached defeaning. Do I seem like the fire bug turning up at the scene of every blaze? Would you think I might be a serial confessor and need details to tell a more convincing story? Fine. Be that way. I seem deranged. I clearly have a strong stomach. I definitely find the real world stuff interesting while still providing my friend with some emotional support when I'm not busy being entranced.

I know it's only a matter of time before one of these guys calls the cops. Well, that will be interesting, too.

Thanks for reading.

Monday Gabi (not to be confused with Sunday Gabi)


Mary@GigglesandGuns said...

Too funny! On the other hand quite handy to have a lawyer friend on hand with a camera. Call it research but you know it kept that team on their toes. If your friend tells others everyone will be calling you as a surgery attendant.
Hmmm, perhaps a new career field opening up?

Joshua Corin said...

Monday Gabi,

Your post, as usual, was funny and, as usual, resonated a little too close to home. I recall recently becoming Way Too Interested in a discussion about cannibalism, to the point where I was asking Way Too Many questions. Fortunately, I was among a group of crime writers (including our own beloved Kelli Stanley) but given that my radar for such things is askew, I can easily see myself asking the very same questions in a room full of college professors.

It's a good thing that straitjackets come in white. We crime writers tend to look good in white.


Terry Stonecrop said...

Haha. You have a strong stomach! Not me, so I try not to get too technical.Fun post!

Shane Gericke said...

Nah, nobody will call the cops. The FBI is already monitoring all our conversations, as we are clearly talking terroristically when speaking of foot probes and such.

It WAS strange seeing you on a Monday. But a good strange.

Shane Gericke said...

Oh, and our guest washed his own bedsheets and left a coupla bucks to pay for his long-distance calls. Helluva guy!

Kelli Stanley said...

If Monday Gabi fields gruesome questions about surgery, I tremble to see what the Sunday Gabi's going to do this week ... ;)

And yes, my dear (and beloved) Josh, that cannibalism conversation with Sean and Mark and Sandi did leave me, er, hungry for more. ;)

But what I really can't get out of my mind is that opening scene of your new book ... talk about nightmares!! (and of course, I can't wait to read it!!!)


Joshua Corin said...

I'd be happy to send you a preview, Kelli, if you really, really want it... =)

Kelli Stanley said...

Of course I want it, Josh!!! :) It'll sit in my inbox until I get these *(*^#$% edits done, but I can look forward to reading it as a reward! :)

Yay--thank you, sweetie!!! :)


Gabi said...

The doctor did have a moment with a quizzical "Did I pay my malpractice insurance this month" look on his face. I assumed it was a coincidence.

Gabi said...

I envision the cannibalism conversation taking place at a nice restaurant while you peruse the menu and right before you order a nice Chianti. Hilarious. I wish I'd been there.

Gabi said...

And fun, daring, picture. I love it.

Gabi said...

You're absolutely right about the FBI having a file on you. You earned it! Celebrate!

I'm going to invite Steven and call him Merry Maid. Washes his own sheets? That's what I call a guest who isn't a relative.

Gabi said...

Sunday Gabi thinks Tuesday Josh set the bar very high (or low) or someplace darn hard to beat.

Stephen Jay Schwartz said...

I do have the scotch. I'll hand over the bottle when I'm done.

Very funny blog, Gabi. I'm taking a video recorder to the autopsy I'm invited to.