Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Fond Farewell, and Welcome Tracy Kiely

by Sophie

I've loved being a member of the Criminal Minds since the beginning. I knew a few of the CMs way back then, but our little community has grown and multiplied and now I can count dozens of new friends made through the blog. Earlier this month at thrillerfest we had a Criminal Minds lunch where I laughed probably more than I have for the last year. I wish there were pictures...but we barely managed not to get kicked out so perhaps it's just as well.

It makes me sad that it's time for me to pass the torch to a new writer, but also happy and excited because I get to share one of my favorite writing friends with you. Tracy Kiely and I share both an editor and an agent - the fantastic Toni Plummer at St. Martins/Thomas Dunne, and Barbara Poelle - and we've shared a few hijinx and a few beers as well since we first met a couple of years ago.
here's Tracy with me and, from left, Juliet Blackwell and Brad Parks

My daughter is a huge Tracy Kiely fan, and has devoured both her books - MURDER AT LONGBOURN, which came out last , and MURDER ON THE BRIDE'S SIDE which will be out next month. (We "know people" so we snagged an advance copy - ha!) I'm a giant fan too and even wrote up this little blurb to describe BRIDE'S SIDE:

Tracy Kiely’s new mystery, MURDER ON THE BRIDE’S SIDE, pays homage to Jane Austen’s SENSE AND SENSIBILITY. But one needn’t be an Austen fan to appreciate Kiely’s gentle humor, irresistible characters and whip-smart pacing as she sets up a classic mystery in a sumptuous contemporary setting. Clever, appealing heroine Elizabeth Parker returns to do maid-of-honor duty for best friend Bridget during a wedding weekend at a lavish Virginia estate. When Bridget’s dreadful Aunt Roni is murdered, few tears are shed, but an abundance of suspects emerge among Bridget’s large extended family. Unexpected twists add to the intrigue as hidden agendas, rivalries, and love affairs emerge. A satisfying conclusion leaves the reader hungry for the next installment of Austen-quoting Elizabeth’s adventures.

I know you are going to love getting to know Tracy. As for me, I will be busy working on the next Stella Hardesty novel, as well as getting ready for the release of my young adult novel, BANISHED, which will be out in October.

And I will be lurking around quite a bit, so don't be surprised to see me popping in here and there. After all, once a Criminal Mind...


TracyK said...

Thanks Sophie! I'm looking forward to joining the group!

Joshua Corin said...

*waves goodbye to Sophie*

*waves hello to Tracy*

*grooves along with the Beatles*

Terry Stonecrop said...

I'm sorry to see you go. I've enjoyed you. You share a lot of yourself.

Best of luck with your writing and your new release:)

Shane Gericke said...

Welcome to the mad tuna boat o'love, Tracy. Our friend Sophie leaves enormous shoes, but she says you'll fill them beautifully, and if she says so, then we will bow and worship you as if a deity.

Mostly cause none of us wants to write twice a week to fill that empty hole :-)

Welcome aboard. And Sophie, please come back and visit whenever you can. We'll miss ya.

Kelli Stanley said...

Welcome aboard, Tracy! You'll love it here and we're happy to have you aboard the Minnow (which, as Shane points out, was actually a tuna boat).

Boy, I sure wish I hadn't been conked out at the Hyatt during the CM lunch at Tfest ... it's what I get for taking the red-eye from the coast.

But let's all get together for a CM party at Bouchercon, y'hear?

And Soph, you have us tattooed on your heart, so yeah, you're one of us no matter what. Forever n' ever. And we miss you, so come back often, damn it!!


Shane Gericke said...

Yeah, Sophie, I hated missing that lunch, too. Let's do it at Bouchercon fer sure.

Gabi said...

Sophie :( not that we'd ever let you really get away

Tracy :) welcome and please ignore Shane's comment about Sophie's big feet -- he's usually slicker

Bill Cameron said...

You know I'll miss you, Sophie. I'm also looking forward to getting to know you, Tracy.

Ah, changes!

Meredith Cole said...

Welcome Tracy! We're glad to have you here.

And we'll miss you Sophie... Come back and visit, please!