Friday, October 15, 2010

Aw, nuts . . . Friday Is TODAY??????????

By Shane Gericke

So I'm at Bouchercon, and I'm in the hotel bar a little after midnight--yes, midnight this morning, thank you--and I'm having a drink with my friend Jen, of Jen's Book Thoughts, who is smart and lovely and talented and her blog is too, and then I'm stopping mid-sip to ask her:

"Is this Thursday?"

No, she explained, it's Friday, and asked why, and I said, after some well-chosen curses:

"My blog runs today."

Whereupon I explained that Fridays With Shane runs every Friday, hence the name, and before I left for San Francisco, which is where Bouchercon is this year, I pondered whether I write a filler blog about something fanciful and free, or if I should report the news this year as it happens from Bouchercon, not unlike Walter Cronkite, for those of you who remember Walter Cronkite, so Fridays With Shane readers will feel fulfilled by Their Faithful Correspondent for treating them with respect, and so I said to myself, All right, I'll gather news items all week at Bouchercon and present them in a fun and fanciful measure Thursday night so that the freshest peanuts of news appear on this blog bright and early Friday, and then I realized it was well after midnight now, and I have to be up at 7 a.m. for an 8:30 panel I'm speaking on, and so decided, fuck it, my readers will understand, for surely they have forgotten important things themselves time to time, and so instead of a lovely blog from me this week you get this:

Which, frankly, I'd sure as hell rather look at than more twaddle from the likes of forgetful me.

Back next week, and with any luck, bearing fun fresh news from the fabulous world of writing!

Until Then,
Your Faithful Correspondent,


Unknown said...

Ah, rest easy! The Bouchercon bus hits everyone sooner or later!!!!

Thanks for kind words, Mr G.!!!!!

Shane Gericke said...

You betcha! It sure was great seeing you there, Mysti!