Saturday, October 30, 2010

Buying a chance on freedom

Lydia McKenzie isn't the type to buy a lottery ticket every week. But she buys them occasionally, when she wants to dream about possibilities. Because, hey, ya never know!

She would not doubt splurge right away on a ridiculously expensive film camera that she always dreamed of owning, like a $3,000 Hasselblad medium format camera, and buy a bunch of vintage clothes. And then maybe she would splurge on a vintage sofa that caught her eye. But then she would probably stop the big purchases. She doesn't have expensive tastes. She has a bike she likes and doesn't want to have to park a car. She might start fantasizing about a Vespa, though.

If I was my character's financial adviser (which I suppose, in a way, I am) I would tell her to not quit her day job. At least not right away. Before she actually considers blowing it all on a trip around the world, she should probably invest in real estate. Her rental situation is tentative at best (I detail this more in book #3, MURDER UNDER DEVELOPMENT, which has just been completed). She needs a foothold in the future, and if she can't make a commitment to a guy, she could at least buy a 1-bedroom apartment.
I would also advise her to slip some into an IRA for retirement, because who knows if twenty-eight year-olds will ever have any social security to speak of, especially after this election.  I don't want her eating cat food when she's seventy. She's my character and I care about her. But knowing her, she probably wouldn't get to it. The whole shebang would sit in an account for months gathering a measly 2% interest while she tried to decide what to do.
But most dangerously for me, I'm not sure whether or not she'd continue working as a PI. She would no doubt try to be a full-time artist if she could and leave the D'Angelos behind. That would be the end of my series. So I'm counseling her right now to spend her cash on sure things. Like Metrocards. And art. Because I care.


Gabi said...

A Vespa. I hadn't thought of that and since I live in never dry or incredibly hot Pacific NW it is entirely impractical. Still, should I, or Sara, need transport with our windfall in sunny San Diego, you've lighted the bulb over our collective head.

Meredith Cole said...

I think Vespas are adorable. They make me think of cute Italian boys. But they're also impractical for moms with small children (sigh).