Monday, October 4, 2010

I Do-ooooooo...not....

Topic: What's your protagonist's paparazzi headline?

"The Bite Felt 'Round the World: Sabian-Baudelaire Wedding Canceled"

The Courier-Journal
October 22, 2003

Louisville, KY -- The most anticipated wedding since Diana married Charles has been canceled!

A close family member to Alexandra Sabian, an Enforcer for the Federal Bureau of Preternatural Investigation and only daughter of famed vampire Bernard Sabian, confirmed today that Ms. Sabian has indeed canceled her engagement to Varik Baudelaire, FBPI Director of Special Operations and one of the vampire community's most eligible bachelors, only two short months after accepting his proposal.

Details regarding the cancellation are sketchy but that hasn't stopped the rumor mill from churning with stories of everything from infidelity, extracurricular biting, and even good old-fashioned cold feet.

Whereabouts of the two-carat pear-shaped Harry Winston pink diamond ring are unknown at this time.

Neither Ms. Sabian nor Mr. Baudelaire returned calls for comments.


I've said this before but it bears repeating. The protagonist in BLOOD LAW is a vampire and a cop. Because she's a vampire, the rules regarding fraternization between superior officers and their juniors are a little different. The history between Alex and her former mentor/ex-fiance, Varik Baudelaire, is a turbulent one....and ripe for a paparazzi feeding frenzy.
  • Alex is the only daughter of Bernard Sabian, the vampire who's murder sparked the vampire community into revealing themselves to humans.
  • Varik is the only son of an aristocratic vampire family in France.

  • Alex comes from a blue-collar background. Her father was a history professor. Her mother was a stay-at-home mom.

  • Varik's father owns three vineyards as well as several other businesses across Europe. His mother hails from a privileged family that once held the ear of French royalty. Varik's life was one of ease until he decided to give it all up and join what would become the FBPI.

  • Alex joined the FBPI in order to prevent other families from going through the same hell her family did when her father was murdered.

  • Varik was Alex's mentor after she left the Academy and her partner for 10 years before their romantic relationship began.
Imagine the commotion such a wedding would cause among the gossips. Now, think of the scandal if it were suddenly called off with no explanation and the once-bride-to-be left town, leaving her law enforcement partner/lover in a lurch.
It's the stuff novels and paparazzi careers are made of... But, as is often the case, there's more to the story.

Take these same two former lovebirds and throw them into the middle of a fresh murder investigation. However, these are your run-of-the-mill murders. No, someone has taken their time to research Alex's father's murder and is now killing vampires in a similar gruesome manner. Alex is leading the investigation but it's wearing on her. When she calls the FBPI for backup, who do they send? Why, Varik, of course -- they even pull him out of retirement.

Now the paparazzi and the gossips have something fresh to talk about and track. Will they get back together? Who will make the first move? Why did they break up in the first place? Most importantly...

Where's that ring?


Shane Gericke said...

Eeek! And I just bought my tuxedo!

Shane Gericke said...

Eeek! And I just bought my tuxedo!

Kelli Stanley said...

Loved the post, Jeannie!! :) BLOOD LAW rocks--and I can't wait for the sequel!! :)