Monday, November 15, 2010

A Girl Can Dream

Of all the questions and topics I’ve discussed here on Criminal Minds, this week’s topic is perhaps the easiest for me to answer without thought or hesitation.

Our current topic is “What artist, living or dead, would you want to do your covers and web design?” This is a no-brainer. I want Larry Elmore.

If you aren’t familiar with Larry’s work, you’ve been missing out on a true visual experience. Larry began working as an illustrator for TSR, Inc. (publishers of the Dungeons & Dragons – D&D to RPGers) in the 1980s and quickly set the bar for gaming genre art. Since leaving TSR, Larry has worked freelance and created amazing covers for publishers such as BAEN books, Bantam, Warner Books, ACE/Berkley, and others. He’s also worked for White Wolf, D.C. Comics, Wizard Press, Mattel, and Lucas Films…just to name a few.

I’ve been a fan of Larry’s work for years, ever since I began playing D&D in 1983. I would go to my local bookstore, dream the day I’d see my name on those shelves, and drool over the beautiful covers with the characteristic “Elmore” signature. Gorgeous elves, ferocious dragons, epic landscapes – everything a reader could love about the fantasy genre is embodied in Larry’s work.

Now that I’ve achieved one dream – being published – it’s still my dream to have Larry Elmore’s work grace the cover. Don't misunderstand me. I love the covers for my books and wouldn't trade them for anything. But...I do still love Larry's work. Perhaps one day, when I get around to writing that epic fantasy that’s been brewing in my head for twenty years.

A girl can dream, right?



Meredith Cole said...

It would be very cool to see what Larry would design for your books, Jeannie. I'm sure he would find them very inspiring.

Rebecca Cantrell said...

I can totally see you writing epic fantasy, Jeannie! And you never know, you could get your dream cover design. I think it would be very much fun!

What would go on it? Dragon? Orc? Elf? Maiden? All four?

Rebecca Cantrell said...
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Sue Ann Jaffarian said...

As soon as I opened the blog and saw those samples, all I could think was WOW! How eye catching would covers like that be?!

Kelli Stanley said...

Cool stuff, Jeannnie!! I hope you write that fantasy and that Larry graces the cover! :)

So ... who was your favorite D&D character to play? Cleric? Magic-user? ;)



Gabi said...

She can and she should dream. Send him a link to this post. Let Larry know he's your dream guy. Guys (well, women, too) love that.

Sarah Glenn said...

Okay, you sold me on it!