Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Vicki Delany on Influences and Genres

Tracy's question for Vicki Delany

What writers influenced you and who are your favorites now? Have you ever considered writing in other genres?

This question ties in well with what I had to say to Rebecca yesterday. I’d written two standalone novels of suspense for Poisoned Pen Press (Scare the Light Away and Burden of Memory) and started thinking about a series. Right from the beginning I knew I wanted Molly Smith series to be just like the sort of book I love to read. In particular I like the traditional British-style police procedural novel. Think Peter Robinson, Ian Rankin, two of my favourites. I’ve been strongly influenced by Susan Hill’s Simon Serallier books – his family dynamics are very critical to the tone as well as the multi-layered plots of the books.

Who else do I like: Aline Templeton, Stuart Pawson in the U.K. In Canada, Louise Penny and Giles Blunt use the small, remote community extremely well. Barbara Fradkin’s Inspector Green books are set in a city, but she takes a subsection of a city and makes the personal element work effectively. In the U.S. there’s William Kent Krueger and Julia Spencer Fleming.

You ask if I’d consider writing in another genre. No, there are so many permutations of the crime genre, I have no need to venture outside. For a completely different change of pace, I also write the Klondike Gold Rush Series from the Canadian publisher Rendezvous Crime (Gold Digger and Gold Fever). These are historical novels and intended to be comedies. My first two novels with Poisoned Pen Press were standalone novels of psychological suspense (Scare the Light Away, Burden of Memory).

I’ve finished the first book in a new very hard-boiled series set in upstate New York. I’m using a different name for that one and it is with my agent now. Hopefully I’ll be able to tell you about it some day. For some reason, unknown to me, I am very prolific. Which is nice because I can bring out two books a year and still have time to try new things.

Vicki Delany's newest book, Negative Image, has just been released by Poisoned Pen Press. Of Negative Image, Booklist says "it is Molly who elevates this series from standard procedural fare into something quite memorable."

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