Monday, December 27, 2010

An Epic (Limerick) New Year

I’m not certain who suggested this week’s topic, but I probably should’ve mentioned this at some point: I am not a poet. Ask me for a sonnet, and you will be sadly disappointed. Haiku is right out, and I never understood the fuss over iambic pentameter. That being said, I stuck to the Criminal Minds program (unlike when I took the one course in poetry writing in college) and wrote my New Year’s resolutions in the only form of poetry I’ve ever really mastered: limericks.

In order to understand my resolutions, I offered a little background on this past year and what I’m facing for next year. Hopefully what I’ve written actually makes sense.


An Epic (Limerick) New Year
by Jeannie Holmes

I am a writer from Alabam’
Who found myself in quite a jam.
Multiple voices in my head,
And a Muse made of lead,
My deadlines sped by—“Oh, damn!”

Quickly my fingers ran amok
To create words that made sense—with a bit of luck.
Beta readers praised it!
My editor raved over it!
And I was relieved to discover my novel didn’t suck!

Faced with a new year
I have a new reason to fear.
At the calendar I look,
Can I finish more than one book—
While releasing two more? Sighing, “Oh, dear.”

Taking a deep breath and planning with care,
My Big Girl Panties I’ll wear.
My leaden Muse I’ll kick
And I refuse to get sick
Because writing two series at once I dare!

These New Year’s Resolutions are but a drop in the bucket
Since I refuse to travel from here to yon or even Nantucket!
I’ll stay home and write.
I’ll keep my deadlines in sight—
Until I collapse and say, “____ IT!”


Rebecca Cantrell said...

Loved the limericks! Clever use of the underscore in that last one. :)

TWO series? I imagine one is the BLOOD vampire series? What's the other?

Regardless, congratulations on having two! (and on the poetry)

Jeannie Holmes said...

Thanks, Becky. I thought the underscore was a nice touch. ;)

Yes, one series is the BLOOD series, and the second has sold yet but is with my agent. Just waiting for the new year so we can shop it around. The second series is a lot of fun -- set in Denver and features a snarky half-demon. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for good news.

Reece said...

Best of luck shopping the new series, Jeannie -- it sounds like fun. And where would limerick writers everywhere be without the word "Nantucket"?

Rebecca Cantrell said...

You do snark so well, I'm sure it'll get snapped right up!

Jeannie Holmes said...

Thanks, Reece. I owe my entire grade for the poetry writing course I took in college to "Nantucket."

Jeannie Holmes said...

Snarky? Me? Never! ;)

Joshua Corin said...

Terrific limerick - love the last line =)

Sue Ann Jaffarian said...

Loved it, Jeannie, especially that last line.

Jeannie Holmes said...

Thanks, Josh and Sue. I love a good underscore once in a while. :)

Kelli Stanley said...

Brava, Jeannie!! :)We can all relate to the rousing close and strategic underbar! :)

And your half-demon series sounds wonderful--can't wait to see your take on the Inferno! ;)