Friday, December 31, 2010

Ogden Nash Had it Going On

Gabriella Herkert

Catnapped and Doggone

Let me start where I’ll end and apologize,

Poetry is not my forte, I tell no lies

Okay, so I fib a little but not about this

I’ll aim for wisdom and probably miss,

But one can hope for a genuine surprise;

Limerick, ode, epic or not

I wrote some goals and might have a shot

Or a vial or a snake or a handy ice pick

Or maybe I’ll off someone with a Copperfield trick

But expect the death toll to rise a lot;

For 2011, my writing goal is to thrill

While reading Kelli and Meredith will cool me to chill

So I can plot mayhem darkly and leave it behind

Without jumping onto the page and losing my mind

And maybe my will;

My writing goals are bigger than ever before

Fiction and non-fiction and more, more, more ...

I’ve been adrift, my thoughts never in one place

My ideas fragmented, like intellectual lace

I go in search of my writing core;

I want to create every single day --

And not allow the rest to get in the way

Of dreaming the dream and writing what’s dear to my heart

Without even thinking about an Amazon cart

Sticking to my own true path, never to stray;

I’ll prime the pump with creative friends around

Whose love and laughter generously abound

For in their presence, my imagination takes wing

My creative self begins to sing

Their work, their friendship, their magic surround;

So my biggest goal for this coming year,

Is to close my eyes and really hear

My siren’s song, my calling’s call

And get to the page, the stories one and all

I resolve to write without fear.

May 2011 bring everyone their dreams.



Rebecca Cantrell said...

Very inspirational, Gabi! May 2011 be the year your poem comes true (and not Josh's!).

Happy New Year everyone!

Meredith Cole said...

I don't think I've ever been named in a poem before--wow! Hope you have a very happy new year, Gabi.

Reece said...

Writing without fear is a great resolution. Happy New Year, Gabi!

Kelli Stanley said...

Oh, Gabs--this is lovely!!! And thank you for including me in your call to arms. :)

You rock, sweetheart--and right now, I'm asking of 2011--please give us more Gabi!!

Happy New Year!!!

Shane Gericke said...

"My ideas fragmented, like intellectual lace..."

That's a terrific sentence, Gabi. A few thousand more and you've got your next book :-)

May your year be healthy and happy and you stay close to your friends.