Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Poetry -not quite in motion

I sit and type and scribble and write,
to make the story nice and tight,
I plot, I plan, I hope I can,
Have a bestseller throughout the land,

This writing gig is a funny thing,
You go to work, you laugh and sing,
The I-pod plays, you watch the days,
Deadline is still off a ways,

But then you find, you've wasted time,
not a moment to spare, or even rhyme,
Get the soda, coffee and the tea,
pump the caffeine through a drip IV,

I need to work and get this done,
at record speed no time for fun,
It must be inspired, original and chic,
and a hundred pages closer by the end of the week,

No more laughter and playful song,
Just make it up as we go along,
A plot twist here, another there,
requiring sense is just not fair,

Witty dialogue is always a friend,
the pages fly by, getting close to the end,
we type the last and sigh and rest,
telling ourselves we've done our best,

Our grand design not quite realized,
the same as it seemed once before our eyes,
but we know this about draft number one,
the prime directive is to get er' done.

Now we send them off to the editor's hand,
somewhere out in Gotham-land,
where brilliant minds will read and ponder,
the characters that leave our minds to wander,

They'll make some notes and send it back,
Hopefully not in a paper sack,
they like the draft - a lot more than I,
my original scheme they actually buy,

And so renewed we start again,
for the love of art is worth the pain.


Sabrina E. Ogden said...

Nicely done! But, your minds are too brilliant for me to believe this...I know you're not wasting your time. :-)

Kelli Stanley said...

Wonderful ode to writing, Graham!!! :)

You've got your Wordsworth done perfectly (ouch)! ;)

Rebecca Cantrell said...

Beautifully done, Graham! Happy New Year!

Reece said...

Nice job, Graham! Happy New Year!

Meredith Cole said...

Great job, Graham! I had no idea our group had so many, er, poets.

Have a very happy new year!

Graham Brown said...

Thanks Guys - when into shock when I saw what our subject was and have to say it was the most fun I've had coming up with a post all year. Props to whoever came up with the idea.