Friday, December 10, 2010

With All Her Heart

by Meredith Cole

I've never thought about Lydia McKenzie as a particularly charitable soul. She's single, a bit self-centered, obsessed with her photography and always scraping to make ends meet. She doesn't belong to a church, and may not always be organized to send in a certain amount to a charity every year. But she's no scrooge.

In DEAD IN THE WATER, Lydia does reveal a more generous side of herself. She volunteers to help local prostitutes get off the street. And when she receives a fee for her services, she donates it to the children of the women to help give them a brighter future. 

This is the season for giving, and Lydia does make contributions to the following, er, charities, and people:

  • Broke photographers - she's more than once spotted friends with cash, photo paper and film when they couldn't afford it and never expected to be paid back.
  • Waiters and waitresses - this is a thankless job. Lydia tips above 25% when she's flush or the waiter/waitress is having one of those nights from hell. They deserve it.
  • Salvation Army - Lydia takes her castoffs there, and shops there often. She gets some great clothes, but the money goes to helping people get back on their feet. Does that count?
  • Toys for Tots - Every kid deserves an incredible holiday and to get something great. Not having any kids in her life, Lydia takes this as an opportunity to get a kid a cool gift and put it in the donation box.
  • Local Food Bank - No one should go hungry in this country, but they do. Lydia always donates canned goods and give a check this time of year to help out her local food bank.
Happy Giving!


Shane Gericke said...

Nice blog, Meredith. I'm glad to see she gives to the food bank ... and to starving artists. Both are highly deserving. The food bank in particular. We try to get something every week when grocery shopping for the bank, and when the bag is full, bring it over to the local bank. Seeing all those folks lined up for a bag of food is heartbreaking, particularly when CEOs are whining about the prospect of paying an extra couple of bucks in taxes so the rest of the country can breathe. One day I hope all food banks will be out of business because everyone's eating!

Meredith Cole said...

Great point, Shane. You're a good guy. It is so sad to see so many in need right now.

Kelli Stanley said...

Great post, Meredith! Lydia's list gets to the heart of helping people who need help!

Happy Holidays!

Shane Gericke said...

Good guy? Don't tell ANYone, Meredith. It'll blow my whole marketing plan of frightening people into reading my stuff :-)

It's just that there's so much money in this nation being held by so few people, who don't need the extra billion for car fare, that it'd be nice to see a lot of that go to folks truly in need for circumstances caused not by themselves.