Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Year in Pictures

By Michael

This week, I’m offering alternative captions for some of the pictures we saw in 2010. I really do want to know what happened to the poor frog. And Lindsay Lohan -- What happened to her? And the woman with the tongue -- If you know her phone number, would you please send it to me? As for the smoking baby, the dog-tiger relationship, and Usain Bolt, I think I know enough.

I wish you a New Year full of happy weirdness, photographed and un-.

Scientists Note Previously Undocumented War-time “Collateral Damage”

Police Dub Frog-Bandit “Ahab”

“I only smoke when I’m out drinking,” declares two-year-old.

What the Hell?

North Koreans Announce First Human-Anteater Hyrbid

Michael Wiley Wants to Meet Her

Heartwarming Cuddliness Photographed in Suburban House

Kinky Animal Sex Ring Busted. Neighbors Had No Idea

Lindsay Lohan in Trouble Again

Lindsay Lohan in Trouble Again

Jamaican Track Star Usain Bolt Wins Again

Jamaica Track Star Usain Bolt, Stabbed in Ribs by Nike Symbol


Reece said...

Thanks for the memories, Michael! Forget Mark Zuckerberg, I think the Smoking Baby was the real Man of the Year.

Meredith Cole said...

Ah, the year in pictures... I think Lindsey Lohan in trouble again was the headline for practically every month of 2010.

Missed the anteater lady and the smoking baby, though...

Michael Wiley said...

Thanks Reece. I agree: the smoking baby is pretty amazing. I have to admit that throughout my short time as a youthful smoker (ages fourteen-fifteen) I never could hold a lungful of smoke without wanting to cough.

Michael Wiley said...

Yes, there was only one perspective on Lindsay Lohan, wasn't there?

The smoking baby was big. BIG. Like the balloon boy . . . but younger.