Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Crush...ah now thats a word for you

Think about this in every other permutation the word "crush" is used in a controlling way, or to indicate dominance.

When your soda can is all used up you "crush" it.

When you hit a towering home run it is said you have "crushed" the ball.

When you do something at a level far more than expected you can be said to have "crushed" all expectations.

When your a football player and you want to intimidate the other team you talk trash and tell them you are going to crush them... or you squabble over how to divide up 9.3 billion dollars and sue them in court and don't play or get paid or provide us any entertainment value whatsoever - except trying to decide who we hate worse the billionaire owners who cry poor even though they have 91 family members on the payroll for doing nothing or the millionaire players who sometimes compare their millionaire, luxury lifestyles with slavery. But I digress.

The question is who would my main characters have a crush on - well I think that's the problem in my case. They have a crush on each other, but because it is important that they grow and remain true to who they are, its going to be very hard for them to get together. And that's because another use of the term crush is often invoked when a Boa Constrictor squeezes the life out of something. Neither Hawker nor Danielle are interested in doing that. They have their own journeys and it's important that they be allowed to take them.

Plus in a series where you have two main characters who have an attraction to each other, its important to keep up the sexual tension, amid the car chases and action and suspense.

Speaking of car chases - if I wasn't fortunate enough to be a writer I would want my next career to be a host on Top Gear - its a BBC show where they get to do insane things with cars and other vehicles, last week they turned a combine harvester into a snow plow and to test it out took it on a frozen lake - which it then cracked the ice and almost sank through but the important thing was it did in fact plow off some of the snow first.

This week they raced a Porsche 911 turbo against a VW beetle, but not how you think, they started them each a mile from one another and then dropped the the flag. The 911 was racing on a salt flat, trying to go one mile in 37 seconds. The VW was suspended one mile over the salt flat and dropped from a helicopter, a journey that took about 35 seconds. The VW won, missing the Porsche by what looked like 50 feet. But still you got to love any show where they hoist a car a mile into the air and actually drop it. It made a nice impact crater.

I digress again. The point is my characters are interested in each other, but unless they have too much rum on a an adventure somewhere they are going to keep missing each other for a few seconds like the VW and the Porsche, and that way no one gets crushed just yet.


Meredith Cole said...

I love Top Gear, too! I don't even think of myself as a person who is into cars (I lived in NYC for 10 years mostly without one) but that show is so witty and funny--and so darn entertaining.

Rebecca Cantrell said...

I'm a Top Gear fan too. Remember when they tried to launch the Reliant Robin into space and almost made it? Very funny.

Graham, it's so nice to read such a well focused piece. Quick and to the point.

(OK, I loved it because it was very funny, as usual). It is difficult keeping those crushing characters away from each other, isn't it? Makes me feel guilty for even trying sometimes.

Graham said...

Hey Meredith and Becky,

What say we Crash the Top Gear set one of these days in the name of publicity?