Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Do you come here often?

The problem with being part of a blog with really talented writers is that...well, you're part of a blog with really talented writers. Every time I get ready to write my piece and answer the question of the week, I'm fortunate enough that at least a couple of brave souls (Jeannie and Josh) have already gone first.

Whew! Would not want to have to do this from scratch.

The unfortunate thing is that... well, they've already written such good entries that I am forced to follow up. Kind of like playing golf and the other people hit perfect drives over the water and onto the fairway and now you're supposed to hit next and you haven't played golf in so long that your woods are still actually made of wood. So, while I'm stalling here, I also urge you to check out Josh's scene of Esme, casually tossing men back into the dating pool and Jeannie's collection of possible supernatural pick up lines.

In my case - here goes. Not too much picking up going on in my books, its all supposed to be subtle and subliminal, which worked well for me in college until you found out someone you liked actually really liked you but both of you thought the other person didn't like you and know. Usually these revelations happened years later after you both lived in different cities and know.

OK, still stalling. Here goes.

The Top Ten... make that top five... pick up lines not actually used in my books and just invented by me cause there are no pick up lines in my books.

5. Hey, I know some vicious creature is trying to kill us but since its busy munching on a few of the minor characters, what say you and I sneak off to the river and skinny dip.

4. Some men carry a .32 or even a .357 but I'm packing a .45 baby.

3. Ah Danielle, if only this were an Ian Fleming novel your name would be so much more... well you know.

2. A little less conversation a little more action please. Oh wait... that's actually what my agent says when I've spent eight pages explaining cold fusion and how it connect to the Toyota Motor Corporation.

And the number one non-actual pick up line from the novels of Graham Brown.

1. Paperback is nice, but wait till you see me in hardcover.

--Thank you. Colin Farrel is here tonight as well as Kristen Stewart, and the musical stylings of Paul Shaffer and the....

Graham Brown is the author of the novels Black Rain and Black Sun, both featuring Danielle Laidlaw and a mercenary known only as Hawker. The third book in the series comes out in December of 2011 and is titled The Eden Prophecy.

He is not auditioning to be on Letterman as writing these lists is damn hard. He is not now, nor was he ever a member of the Communist party - which is kind of an oxymoron because as I remember from the cold war the Communists didn't really party much.


Meredith Cole said...

If you think posting on Wednesday is bad, you should try Friday! Usually someone has written their entry in Shakespearean verse or something--darn those talented criminal minds...

Rebecca Cantrell said...

Nothing like quick casual paperback read while lying scantily clad on a beach...umm...was I talking about books? Nice post, Graham! And we all can't wait to see you in full hardcover. Post pictures.

Meredith: And then there's the Latin and the people who find witty videos. It's a tough crowd to hang with, but at least we get gin smoothies for breakfast!