Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Random thoughts...

Actually talking about the best jobe ever writing - but since its 5:19 am here and I havent been to sleep yet I'm just goign to go all random here - who knows it might make more sense than my regular posts.

Random thought # 1 - Writing is hard work - but each draft is hard in a different way -

First draft is hard because its literally creating out of thin air - maybe you have an outline or an idea - maybe you are all stream of consciousness but it still requires you to think up, what the characters look like, how they talk, what the scenery lookes like, who's perspective to veiw it from - all these choice are hard, energy consyming tasks.

Second draft is hard mostly because thats when you realize how much your first draft SUCKED! What the hell did I do all that hard work for if its going to suck that much. Damn next time I'm just winging the first - it cant suck any worse - except that it can. But at least you have something to work with now - a frame to build on and that easier. But theres usually a lot of demolition in the second draft - if were honest with ourselves'

Third draft is hard because now yo have to make those final choices you put off in D1 and D2 - you know the ones im talking about. Cant hold out any longer.

Fourth draft - usually final non-copy editing draft for me - is hard because at this point you are kind of sick of the book, the changes you make dont seen to improve anything, but somehow leaving it as is de-imroves it (yes thats a word I just made it up). But the good news is once you finish this draft it becomes someone elses problem - which is why you absolutely hate finishing this draft because thats when you lose control.

Random thought #2 - We are all better than we think - at pretty much everything. We're better writers better friends, better family members - except those of us who think they're great - those people are worse than they think - statistically its almost a certainty - so think that you suck but work hard anyway - you're bound to end up way higher than you projected yourself.

Random thought#3 - I think I could write a book on my I-phone as fast as on my PC

Random thought # 4 - scratch number three - Iphone will change words around and it will read like idiot savant porn

Random thought number 5 - who decided a tic tac toe board shrunk down is the symbol for "number"

Random thought #6 - has anyone on the planet ever actually been helped by the microsoft help program? I think not. It has 42 billion entrys but I have never found anything I have ever needed contained with in its wasteland of digital words.

Random though # 7 - could you imagine if we still had to use DOS C:// 8*8 - that meant something - I don't know what but I remember typing it and having trouble with the F*ing backslash - is a backslash or a forward slash?

Random thought number 8 -

Looks like I've run out of random thoughts - that's al I have time for. Thank you very much and goodnight!

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