Sunday, July 17, 2011

They Have Ways of Making You Talk

by Sue Ann Jaffarian
So today we're talking about how our protagonists get witnesses and/or suspects to spill the beans. With three very different series, I have three very different protagonists utilizing three very different procedures.
Madison Rose of my Madison Rose vampire mysteries is very clever and puts to use survival skills learned growing up in one foster care home after another.  She’ll lie like a rug without a moment’s regret and can even pick locks like a pro to get the information she needs to find the killers, be they mortal or undead.  Publisher’s Weekly recently called her sleuthing abilities in the soon-to-be-released Baited Blood “refreshingly intelligent investigative work.”
The Ghost of Granny Apples lead sleuth, Emma Whitecastle, a straight arrow who doesn’t take to deceit one bit, has a secret weapon:  a ghost who loves to be given undercover assignments. Granny will eavesdrop on the living or corral the dead to help Emma get to the bottom of long-ago murders.
Then there’s Odelia Grey, the middle-aged, plus size, feisty paralegal who’ll do anything that comes to mind in her pursuit of information. In one book, she brought designer coffee and cranberry scones along when meeting a fugitive felon. In another, she pretended to want a boob reduction to get close to a serial killer suspect. Then there was the time she ordered a sexy, made-to-order burlesque costume to pump a seamstress for information.  In the recently released Twice As Dead, Odelia dons a wig and spends an evening at Drag Queen Bingo in her pursuit of the truth.
Odelia is definitely the most colorful of the bunch in her quest for information, but they all get the job done with panache.
Speaking of panache, meet Zelda Bowen, the latest entry in my stable of capable protagonists. Zelda is the middle daughter of the nutty Bowen family, the stars of my new Holidays From Hell short story series for e-readers. While not in the mystery/thriller/paranormal genres, readers can follow the Bowen clan from one dysfunctional holiday to another, with Zelda being the voice-of-reason glue that holds it all together.  Pull My Paw, the second story in this humorous series was just released, following The Rabbit Died.  These stories can be purchased from Amazon for $0.99 each.

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L.J. Sellers said...

Your books sound so fun! What a joy for you as an author to have such an eclectic mix of protagonists to write from.