Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Post from the outlands

The question has been asked - what would you tweet from the back of a police car.

Ironically enough - I think it depends on what you are doing in the back of a police car.

For instance - if you have just successfully heisted a hundred million dollars in art - you probably want to tweet something like -"I've been framed!"

If you just got caught with four hundred cheesburgers and a plume os strange smelling smoke wafting from your car ala Snoop Dog or Cheech and Chong, tweeting - "What? I was a little hungry," probably isn't going to cover it.

Also if arrested by an attractive officer, tweeting: "cop is smoking hot - I hope she's really a stripper" is probably isn't going to get the charges reduced.

And finally its never wise to tweet about "being hassled by the man - the man just trying to keep a good tweeter down."

It just doesnt sound right.


Sue Ann Jaffarian said...

Thanks for the laugh, Graham. This is a fav question of mine for the panel.

Rebecca Cantrell said...

You are sooo not getting out of the back of that car once you're in it, Graham. Call when they set bail!