Friday, November 25, 2011

Giving thanks

by Meredith Cole

When I sit down to count my blessings this time of year, I'm always overwhelmed by their number. A lovely family. A cozy house. My very own study (with a door). Good health. A garden. My MacBook. Dark chocolate in my fridge and fresh brownies (made by my husband) in a tin on the counter. How lucky can one writer be?

Getting published felt like winning the lottery. Only better. But that original moment of euphoria did eventually fade in the months that followed. The nitty-gritty business of being a writer intruded on my rose-colored dream. I had a little rain on my parade, but I also had wonderful things happen. And this Thanksgiving, I want to give thanks for all writing gifts I have received.

  • For ideas that flow from somewhere in my brain
Not everyday brings new ideas. But on those mornings when I wake up to an exciting idea bubbling up in my head that must be written down, I feel more blessed than all the billionaires in the world.

  • For the chance to put my words onto paper
My busy life is sometimes hard to negotiate. But for all those days when I can squeeze my writing in, I feel very blessed. And on those days where the hours slip away, and I sit up after writing thousands of words, I feel incredibly lucky.

  • For the chance to experience writing "the end"
Finishing a piece of writing and declaring it as great as I can make it is an amazing feeling. I encourage new writers, stuck on their first chapter, to surge ahead in their draft. Leaving writing unfinished is the worst feeling for a writer.

  • For the chance to share my writing with others
Getting feedback and having someone say "I know just what you mean" or "I get it" is a such a great feeling.  So that last bit is about being published,  admiring my books on the shelf, and getting feedback from readers. So thank you to all the people in the business who make it all happen (editors, agents, copy editors, book designers, publicists, book sellers, librarians)--and thanks to the readers for continuing to pick up books by unknown authors. We couldn't do it without you.


Gabi said...

I am so thankful your "The End" is my beginning. Have a wonderful holiday.

Meredith Cole said...

Happy Thanksgiving Gabi! Just got back on the grid after a very happy holiday with friends and family (and now feeling very grateful for the invention of pie). Hope you had a lovely holiday, too.

Rebecca Cantrell said...

Thanks for a terrific post, Meredith!

We 7crims writers are a grateful lot, aren't we? Probably because we really know how lucky we are.

Happy Day After Thanksgiving!

Meredith Cole said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you, too, Becky! We definitely have a lot to be thankful for (great friends definitely make the list).

Michael Wiley said...

These are deserving things for which to be thankful, Meredith. I also agree with Gabi: the rest of us get to be thankful for your books.

Happy Thanksgiving --