Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Writer's LIfe

What’s the biggest risk I've taken as a writer?

Probably switching from writing gothic standalones to a police procedural series. And then back. But let's talk about that another day.

I'm wrapping up my trip to Juba today and It's occurred to me that one of the best things about being a writer is that you can write literally anywhere. As long as you have a scrap of paper and the stub of a pencil or power in your computer’s battery (Theoretically you don’t even need that, you can write in your head.)

As I posed two weeks ago, I am visiting my daughter in South Sudan for three weeks. I’ve had a wonderful trip and part of what made it a success is simply that I can work anywhere I happen to be. My daughter is at work all day and there sure isn’t much to do in Juba on one’s own, so an extended visit might get pretty boring. But I have my computer and I can write all day if I like. And I have done so.

I’ve even sketched out some ideas for a new book about an RCMP officer seconded to the UN here in South Sudan. We’ll see if it works.

As you read this I am in Kenya on Safari. I do not have my computer with me, and I do not plan to write. I might do some thinking though. Can always do that.

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Sue Ann Jaffarian said...

So true, Vicki, we can write anywhere! Enjoy the safari and have a safe trip home.