Sunday, January 15, 2012

My Ideal Writing Retreat

Vicki here on a snowy Sunday.

What’s my ideal place to write? Right here. Where I am now.

That’s how I was planning to begin this post. And then I read Gary’s. Geeze how do I top that?

Now, I don't really want to write in the bat cave. But a villa on a Greek Island might be nice. Overlooking turquoise waters and white houses. While the cook prepares dinner and the butler brings a glass of chilled white wine.

A cottage on Lake Muskoka’s a good choice. Overlooking dark blue waters and wooden cottages. While a boy-toy prepares dinner after bringing me a glass of chilled white wine.

By the fire at a resort at Whistler in ski season. While the restaurant chef cooks dinner and the waiter brings me a glass of red wine.

Come to think of it, there are a lot of ideal places to write in this world. But if we had our choice, I suspect most of us would prefer to have help than a bucolic setting. Someone to do the time-wasting stuff. Such as not only cooking the meals, but cleaning the house, watching the kids. Most importantly - earning the money.

Isn’t that what a writer’s retreat is? Some place one can not only go to write for a period of time, but sometimes even get a grant or something to enable one to write.

But seriously, my ideal place is here. Where I live. I retired from a job as a systems analyst at a big bank a few years ago. I sold my house in the suburbs and bought a small place in the country surrounded by farmer’s fields.

I have a little house, but it’s big enough to have one room devoted to being my ‘office’. In the summer, I take my laptop out onto the deck to sit by the pool. In the winter, I sit in the office next to the wood store. Which is burning, even as
I type.

Although sometimes it gets so hot in here, I have to retreat to the dining room table.

A writer, as has been said, can write anywhere. Should be able to write anywhere. But of course the right environment helps.

You need quiet, a chance to be alone for hours at a time. A nice view out the window helps, I believe, for those moments when you’re stuck and you just lean back in your chair and look out the window. And inspiration strikes.

Here are some pics of my office and the view out my window

This last picture is of the work I have to do to create my writing retreat. Wood, stacked and piled by me, myself.


lil Gluckstern said...

Oh, what views you have. Your post reminds me of the saying of working women:"I need a wife!"

Vicki Delany said...

Now that is a good idea!