Monday, May 28, 2012

May I Call My Lawyer?

Yes, that is probably the first thing I'd say if I was questioned by the police about my whereabouts last night. Not because I was anywhere I shouldn't have been, or anywhere exciting or dangerous, or anywhere a crime was being committed, but because after working in the legal arena for 40 years, I've become kind of wired that way.

Where was I last night? I was going over the final proofs to HIDE AND SEEK, my 7th Odelia Grey novel, scheduled for release September 1st. Honest! Originally due by June 6th, I received a desperate-sounding e-mail this past week that lead me to believe they wanted the corrected proofs as soon as possible. So that's what I was doing last night and all day yesterday, and most evenings all last week, and all day today. And I have the marked-up proofs to prove it.

And as fate would have it, in this book Odelia spends an unusual amount of time at the police station being questioned about a murder and her whereabouts.  How fitting is that?

Do I have someone to collaborate my alibi? Of course, I do. Just ask either of my cats. They were with me the entire time and can tell you that I haven't left my apartment since coming home from work on Friday. My nose has been to the grindstone, or, in this case, to the page. I finished the job just before writing this blog. HOORAY!

I don't even think any of my neighbors laid eyes on me until this afternoon when I took out some trash, so it wouldn't help to go door-to-door bothering them. On weekends like this, I'm the recluse in apt. 307. The odd woman who lives alone, works long into the night at her computer, and talks to her cats.

As for the cats, they've got my back. Of course, one would sell me out for a belly rub and the other for a hit of catnip. Yeah, that's right, last night I was with an attention whore and a stoner. What of it?

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