Saturday, May 12, 2012

Think Carrot Top, Except Funny

by Alan Orloff

Hi all, and thanks for inviting me to the blog party! It’s a pleasure to join the group.

Love Child

When we first meet Channing Hayes (a stand-up comic with a tragic past) in KILLER ROUTINE, he’s just lost his fiancée in a terrible accident. Needless to say, hooking up is the last thing on his mind. However, by the end of DEADLY CAMPAIGN, Channing is ready to get back in the game (he’s a guy, after all). He’s discovered being celibate is a real ball-buster.

What kind of gal would Channing go for? Some of Channing’s turn-ons include: a sense of humor (natch, he’s a stand-up comic!), flexible hours (who isn’t turned on by flexible hours?), and self-confidence. Being good looking is a definite plus, too.

So naturally, Channing is drawn to Kate Conway (of Clare O’Donohue’s MISSING PERSONS). They meet when she’s doing a documentary piece on the tough life of a “mid-list” comic. She, too, has lost her significant other (first to a mistress, then to a sudden death), and she’s got enough snark and sarcasm and spunk to spar with Channing. Together, they produce a few sparks, then a smoldering affair, and then a love child.

Their child is a handsome red-haired lad named Leno Hayes who grows up to become a stand-up comic like his father (think Carrot Top, except funny). He isn’t afraid of the limelight, inheriting his father’s stage presence as well as his mother’s grace in front of the camera. Generally, he’s laid back and sensitive, unless someone teases him about his shock of red hair. Then, he’ll cut the heckler to shreds with the wicked barbs from his acid tongue.

After all, his middle name is Rickles.


Clare O'Donohue said...

Kate & Channing would be perfect! Two sarcastic tired people who are a little afraid of love -and really not interested in solving homicides, but somehow do!

lil Gluckstern said...

Very funny ;)

Sue Ann Jaffarian said...

Welcome, Alan!