Monday, June 11, 2012

Ideas? I Got A Million of Them!

So, let me get this straight, someone comes to me and says, "You can no longer write humorous amateur sleuth mysteries about ghosts and plump paralegals. So what else ya got?"

So glad you asked.

While many readers complain: so many books, so little time. My major complaint is: so many stories, not enough time.  I have had a laundry list of plots, characters and settings whirling around in my brain for years. It's frustrating. They want to come out and play. They want me to pay attention to them. They demand equal time. But as any writer will tell you, you have to put your contracts and commitments first.

Oh yeah, you do.

I currently write two books a year for two different publishers, with contracts for 5 more Odelia Grey novels and 2 more Granny Apples novels waiting to be fulfilled.  But if for some reason those contracts went away, I'm confident I wouldn't find myself with time on my hands, struggling to find a suitable hobby. If these commitments disappear, I have books lined up like planes waiting to land.

Every now and then, while talking to my agent, I tell her, "Have a I got a great idea for a new book." That's usually followed by a loud groan on her end. But the groan isn't with displeasure, but with concern, underlined with excitement. You see, she LOVES my ideas and would love for me to be able to produce every one of them. We talk about it all the time.  But a few years ago, I took on a third series, and that proved way too much for me physically. So never again.

Here's a sample of what's waiting in the wings, although please forgive me if I don't give details. I have them all pretty fleshed out, but am not ready to share:

A hard novel about an unlikely call girl
A YA novel
A caper series featuring an unmatched pair
A novel about a man struggling between long held beliefs and his family
A sci-fi short story series

I turn 60 years old this year, but with the above list, and who knows what else brewing inside my head, I suspect I'll be writing as long as my mind and my typing fingers hold out.

And with that, I must get back to work. There's a deadline straight ahead and I have to meet it head on, with as little carnage as possible.


Victoria Hamilton said...

Ah yes, so many ideas, so little time!

Meredith Cole said...

Hope all your ideas come to fruition someday, Sue Ann! I'm a big admirer of your productivity and creativity.

Vicki Delany said...

Good ideas all.

Deborah Sharp said...

Oh, man ... once again, I feel like the worst sort of slacker next to you, Sue Ann. Good thing we're friends, or I just might have to knock you off!

Sue Ann Jaffarian said...

Thanks, everyone, for stopping by. I don't know if I'm really that productive. Sometimes I think I write so much to avoid cleaning my apartment.

Deb, since we have the same agent, you'd better think twice about knocking me off, friend or not. At least see if Whitney wants in on the action first.

Chatty said...

Well, as dilemmas go, too many plots and not enough time to write them is not a bad one to have! I have problems coming up with ideas, so I really can't feel your pain, but I CAN feel your frustration! We your loyal readers are just glad to have the books we get, and are glad you intend to keep writing no matter what. This is music to our ears!

Rebecca Cantrell said...

Those tiny descriptions are so tantalizing, Sue Ann! I hope you get a chance to bring some to life, but I'd hate to see the current characters get short shrift...OK, I see the dilemma. :)

I have couple of extra ideas knocking around my head too--there's this artist in Venice and also this girl who loses her phone just after she's murdered.