Monday, June 4, 2012

The Law of the Dog

By Reece Hirsch

Will Connelly, the ambitious young corporate attorney who is the protagonist of my legal thriller THE INSIDER, is not a pet owner.  He’s a lonely workaholic still recovering from a bad break-up when the book opens, and he could certainly use a little companionship.  However, Will spends far too much of his time billing hours at his law firm to have a dog.

However, to paraphrase the Dos Equis man, if Will Connelly were to have a dog, then it would be Simon, the furry little guy pictured above.  I can attest that Simon, a Brussels Gryphon and occasional Criminal Minds guest blogger, makes the perfect lawyer’s dog because he demonstrates so many of the characteristics of an attorney (at least the better ones).

Powers of Persuasion.  Whenever food is involved, Simon lays down, places his chin on you and delivers the sort of sorrowful gaze usually reserved for black velvet, sad-clown paintings.  Clarence Darrow was never this convincing.

Brains.  Simon is smart enough to ring a bell when he wants to go outside and he can distinguish between the sounds associated with every type of plastic bag and container in our kitchen based upon whether it holds something that he likes to eat.

Bluster.  Sometimes when your arguments are less persuasive, a little bluster is needed to win the day.  With his fearsome bark and dead-eyed gaze (see below), Simon has backed down a herd of cattle, a family of deer, and a flock of wild turkeys.  The raccoon that he encountered gave him pause – but Simon understands what every good lawyer knows – bluster will only get you so far with a potentially rabid adversary. 

I know that in a previous post I promised to never again pimp out my dog to promote my writing, but I can see now that I will revert to my prior bad habits when desperate.  So sue me.


Meredith Cole said...

Simon is such a cutie! I don't see how any jury in the world could stand tough against those eyes...

Reece said...

Simon does pretty much get what he wants around our house. Thanks for stopping by, Meredith!

T. Powell Coltrin said...

I like Simon. I've been longing for that breed. He looks like a good lawyer of her breed.

Great post.


Reece said...

Thanks, Teresa! Brussels Gryphons are great dogs, but the breed isn't that well known. People are always asking me what he is.