Monday, August 20, 2012

In Memoriam - Jeff Sherratt

Jeff with Ray Bradbury - 2 big losses this year

I had my blog post for Criminal Minds written and set to schedule when I received an e-mail informing me that Jeff Sherratt had passed away Saturday evening. Jeff was a fellow author and friend and even though his health had been sketchy for a while, the news still shocked me down to my socks.
So with a nod to this week’s question – I can honestly say that no matter how successful I become, I will never pass along to an assistant the duty and honor of saying goodbye to a fallen friend.
Jeff Sherratt was very active in the mystery writing community in Southern California and he and his lovely wife, Judy, were often present at events and book signings. Sit next to Jeff and you would be treated to colorful stories about LA County and organized crime in the seventies, told with a bright twinkle and an easy laugh. He was a great guy and a gentleman. As for selling books, no one could touch Jeff’s passion and bold approach. Place him with a stack of his books just inside the entrance of any Barnes and Noble and stand back. In no time, those books would disappear into the hands of excited readers!
Several years ago, Jeff asked me to blurb his book The Brimstone Murders.  Of course, I said yes, being that Jeff was a friend. Below is that blurb:
Reading THE BRIMSTONE MURDERS is like going to an old fashioned Saturday matinee – so sit back and enjoy the action, the fun, and the cast of colorful characters. Popcorn optional.
Friend or not, the blurb was an honest opinion. The book was extremely well written, and a fun, action-packed read with great characters. His last book, Detour to Murder, is still on my extensive TBR pile. In his honor, I’m moving it to the top, putting it next in line.
If you have not read one of Jeff Sherratt’s books, give yourself a treat and pick one up or download it today. The Kindle editions are currently just $0.99.
Goodbye, dear friend. You will be greatly missed.


Kristin Escalante said...

Thank you so much for posting this. This is Jeff's daughter, Kristin Escalante. i can't tell you how much the love, support and encouragement from you and so many others from Sisters In Crime meant to my dad. It was amazing to see the blossoming of his imagination from his early tentative first steps through the confident, assured writer he became. You played a huge part in that transformation and I and my family are and will be eternally grateful. i send you big hugs here in the virtual world and i hope to do so soon in person. xo Kristin Escalante

Meredith Cole said...

What a lovely post, Sue Ann. I wish I had met Jeff! I'm glad his books live on, and we can at least "meet" him now through his work. My thoughts are with his friends and family right now.

Sue Ann Jaffarian said...

Kristin, sending big warm hugs right back at you and your family. Jeff was very special.

Anonymous said...

I loved Jeff! I was looking forward to reading his next book. I totally agree with the comments about The Brinmstone Murders. My heart goes out to his family and friends.

Gary Phillips said...

Sue Ann,

Wonderful send off for Jeff. I was floored when I heard the news late last night. I'd seen him earlier this year and, as always, enjoyed spending time with him, talking about writing, the book business and what have you. Sure going to miss him.

cydneyfox said...

My most fun memories are book festivals where we were sharing a table with Jeff. I remember going to Duarte several years ago right after Detour to Murder came out. He and Joel shared a table. And I was standing there selling both of their books. Jeff was laughing at me because I was such a nature "bookseller" and that I was responsible for selling so many books for him that day. I will always hear his laughter and remember the twinkle in his eyes.I will miss him.

Mari said...

I loved his books and I loved booksignings, panels and LA Book Fairs with him. I remember that he would purchase any of his books back from Barnes and Noble that didn't sell, believeing that it was bad luck to leave them behind. I'm reading GUILTY OR ELSE right now. This is a shock.