Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Bouchercon Highlights

By Hilary Davidson

Before this year's Bouchercon, I described the conference to more than a few people as "Christmas, Halloween and summer camp rolled into one event." Photo evidence from Cleveland to prove it!

Oh, what a night! Dinner at Lola Bistro with my husband, Dan, and wonderful friends Kat & Chris F. Holm, & Lauren O'Brien. 
At the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame with the incredibly talented Chris F. Holm. 
My "Murder He/She Solved" panel with moderator extraordinaire Kat Niidas Holm, Joy Castro, Robert Olen Butler, & Bruce DeSilva. (Just out of the frame: panelists Hannah Dennison & Cathy Wiley.)
With Kat. Can you tell we're having fun yet?
Neliza Drew, Dan O'Shea, Dan O'Shea's Rather Spectacular Jacket, & Sabrina Ogden.
With my amazing friend Robin Spano at the Canuck event.
More Canucks! My Toronto Sisters in Crime Helen Nelson & Janet Costello.
With another wonderful friend, Kathy Ryan.
Colin Campbell, Christa Faust, & Judy Bobalik. Did I want to steal Christa's lovely vintage purse? Oh, yes. 
Timeless style: Ken Wishnia & Kelli Stanley.
Preparing to toss Brad Parks into the hotel fountain...
At the last minute, we showed mercy & posed for our annual Charlie's Angel photo instead. (With Christine McCann, Lauren O'Brien, Elyse Dinh, & Brad Parks.)
What we look like when we're not toying with Brad's fate. You'd never guess what we're *really* like!
One of the best things about Bouchercon: seeing friends from every corner of the continent. Hanging with with Austin's awesome Scott Montgomery.  
Thugs of the world unite! With Big Daddy Thug (AKA Todd Robinson) & Robert McClure.


Chris said...

Man alive, how'd I sneak into all those pictures full of cool, interesting people?

Reece said...

Thanks for sharing the great photos, Hilary. You clearly know how to do Bouchercon up right.

lil Gluckstern said...

It is so much fun to see you all having fun!

Hilary Davidson said...

Chris, you're being modest, as usual. Hanging out with you & Kat was one of the best things about Bouchercon. (Dan says so, too.)

Reece & Lil, what do I have to do to get you to come to next year's Bouchercon in Albany?

Kathleen A. Ryan said...

Thanks for sharing these fabulous photos, Hilary! B-con was a whirlwind, as usual. It's a spectacular event, with the precious opportunities to chat with friends, make new friends, meet our online friends IRL, and as writers, learning golden nuggets of wisdom imparted by the generous panelists and moderators.

IMHO, Katrina did an outstanding job as moderator of "Murder He/She Solved," ~ the stellar panel which featured you, Robert Olen Butler, Joy Castro, Bruce DeSilva, Hannah Dennison, and Cathy Wiley ~ and it was truly my favorite of the conference. Katrina kept a fast pace, asked intriguing questions, and each panelist was fascinating and interesting in his/her response.

I am so touched that you included our photo in your post ~ thank you, Hilary, for such an honor :-)

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't you know, I had just been thinking, "I didn't get enough Hilary time at Bouchercon." These pictures make up for it. A little.

I just wonder how it is Chris managed to air brush himself into this gallery...

Kelli Stanley said...

Thanks for posting, Hil!! I'm sorry we didn't get to enjoy a Bouchercon CM lunch (or late night bar snack) ... but fingers crossed for Albany! :)