Wednesday, October 24, 2012

In which the author jumps the shark...

by Chris F. Holm

Damn my clever, clever cohorts and their clever cleverness.

See, as the author of a brand-spankin' new series that's only just gotten out of the gate, I was going to play all glib with this week's question ("How do you know when it's time to retire a beloved series character before he or she jumps the shark?") and (at least attempt to) bust out some kind of funny "It might be time to retire your character if..." list. I mean, what do I know from beloved? The first book in my Collector series (cough DEAD HARVEST cough cough) has barely been out seven months, and the second (cough THE WRONG GOODBYE cough) came out just a few weeks back. Since I've only just begun to find an audience, I'd like to think I haven't overstayed my welcome yet.

Then Reece went and made a list. And what's worse, it's pretty darn funny. Which means if I go back to the list-well, I run the risk of jumping the shark myself.

Or nuking the fridge.

Or midichlorianing the Force.

Or Calypso-ing the Pirates of the Caribbean.

Or replacing the Becky.

Or nominating the Palin.

Or "SCULLLLLLYYYYY!"-ing the Mulder.

Or detonating the Jughead.

Or eating the Ray Liotta's brains and running off with Clarice Starling (because seriously, what the eff was that about?)

Or whatever the heck was going on with the last ten Cornwell novels, 'cause dude.

Which is why, dear CM audience, I would never dare attempt to follow Reece's list with another of my own. For one, it would be tacky. Cheap. Obvious. And for two, I respect you all too much.

Then again, shark-jumping worked for the Fonz...
Confidential to those in the greater Quebec City area: this weekend, from October 25-27, I'll be participating in QuebeCrime alongside John Connolly, Linwood Barclay, Laura Lippman, Owen Laukkanen, Chelsea Cain, and many more! It's shaping up to be a killer con, and I'd love to see you there. Details are here. Great company in a beautiful city - who could ask for more than that?


Meredith Cole said...

If you think trying to post on Wednesday is bad, try Friday!!! I will just have to dig up something somewhat clever by the end of the week (check back then to see if I succeed)... It's hard to blog with such a talented group.

Have fun in Quebec!

Chris said...

Thanks, Meredith! And I feel your pain. At B'con, I was at the far end from the moderator on my panel, with Lou Berney, Liz Hand, and Seth Harwood in between. Every time I got the "Chris -- same question," all I could think was, "Uh, what they said."

Reece said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Chris! And an added thank you for serving as my ambassador to the Twitterverse. As someone who used to occupy the Saturday spot, I know how tough it is to bat clean-up after our clever CM crew has had their way with a subject. By the way, I think "nominating the Palin" is a keeper.

Chris said...

Happy to, Reece. Welcome to the party!

Sue Ann Jaffarian said...

Chris, you have a long way to go before the shark shows his face.