Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I Like Dreaming…Just Not the Results

 By Tracy Kiely

First of all, can I just say that after Vicki’s BRILLIANT blog yesterday, I think we need to shut this question down for the rest of the week. You simply can’t compete with that kind of awesomeness.
Have I ever dreamt about my characters? Um…like Vicki, I have to say “no.”
Now, that’s not to say I haven’t had dreams – vivid dreams – after which I’ve woken up and thought “Holy God! That’s it! That’s the best GD plot I’ve ever heard of! It’s perfect!!” Remember how Stephanie Myer of Twilight fame (and fortune) said that the scene in which Edward reveals his shiny diamond face in the meadow all came from a dream? Well, I’ve had dreams like that. Only way better because there were no vampires and werewolves running around killing each other. (Seriously, this chick makes me wonder about the effects of all that healthy Mormon living. Who, after the age of ten, has dreams like that?  That’s an “I-ate-four-bags-of-chips-and-three-hot-dogs-kind-of-dream.” But then again, she’s the one laughing as she walks her healthy, radical-free body to the bank.)
 Anyway, many times I’ve reached over to my nightstand, grabbed my notebook, and written the dream down, before happily falling back to sleep confident in my amazing imagination and perfect story.  On a few occasions, I’ve actually tried to “jump back” into the dream – that’s how good they were.  Unfortunately, in the morning this is what I usually find:

“Man is running fast because the lady he met on train is bad and has the djfdkjf (illegible word). The people know this and will find him unless he gets to the subway. People can fly.”
“The murderer is still alive and the police think it’s the woman who has the purse. No one knows where it is.”
“It was the barking dog – not the cat.”

I have since stopped leaving a notebook by my bed. Not because I’ve given up on my dreams ever producing a kickass story, but because they are building an assisted living facility down the road from us and I don’t want my notebook to be used as exhibit A in the competency hearing.
So, God bless you Stephanie Meyer. You are a rare bird indeed. As for me, I think I have the Avian flu.

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Vicki Delany said...

I accept your kudos. Tough to be humble, sometimes. :)