Monday, June 24, 2013

Reading My Way to Somewhere New

Some people love to read about exotic new places, while some prefer settings they recognize. How about you?

by Meredith Cole

Yes. Both. I love reading a book set in an exotic place and experiencing (vicariously) the sights and sounds of somewhere new. It's (almost) like going on vacation there. I also enjoy reading books set in places I've visited or lived (at least most of the time). It's fun to know a little something so you can picture the corner or place exactly when the character does something in the story. The only problem I've encountered with reading books set in familiar settings is when the author is clearly unfamiliar with the place they're writing about, and starts to get confused or muff up their geography. I find this very distracting!

So--what am I reading now?

I just finished reading ANOTHER SUN by Timothy Williams, a mystery set in Guadeloupe (which definitely qualifies as a place I've never been). The sleuth is a French female judge, an interesting woman in a difficult situation, and I enjoyed learning about Guadeloupe politics as well as about a new place.

On a side note, I thought it was interesting how the cover was a bit similar to my second book, DEAD IN THE WATER. Maybe the same cover designer?

 I like to read a lot of non-fiction, and right now I'm reading something very interesting: THE AUTISTIC BRAIN: THINKING ACROSS THE SPECTRUM by Temple Grandin and Richard Panek. I suppose this qualifies as a setting where we've all been (our brains) but can't really see. Anyway, Temple Grandin is a very fascinating person who has autism, and already totally hooked. So far she's delved into the history of autism and her own experiences.

I'm looking forward to doing a lot of reading this summer (in exotic and familiar locales) and always looking for recommendations-- so please share with us what you're reading!


Catriona McPherson said...

You're so well-rounded and psychologically healthy, Meredith! Do you like cats and dogs too?

Reece said...

I'm a little behind the curve, but I'm currently reading "The Lock Artist" by Steve Hamilton and loving it. I'd definitely recommend it for your summer reading list, Meredith.

Meredith Cole said...

Thanks, Reece! I do like cats -- and dogs. I grew up with both (but currently only have cats...). Does that make me psychologically healthy? Sounds good to me...

Robin Spano said...

I like that. The brain as a setting. Cool answer.

Sue Ann Jaffarian said...

I hear ya on reading about a familiar setting that an author gets wrong. Living in LA, I often run across that in books by non-LA based authors. Especially when characters get from point A to point B in 15 min when Angelinos know that same trip would be at least an hour in traffic. And love the idea of the brain as a setting!