Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Greatest Detective of All Time?

The Greatest Detective of All Time?

By Vicki Delany

Can there be the slightest doubt?

Sherlock Holmes of course.  In his original incarnation, Holmes was the ultimate detective. Totally focused, totally dedicated to matters at hand. No friends (other than Watson who sometimes couldn’t stand him), no family (other than one equally obsessive brother), no lovers (just a yearning for Irene Adler). Only the case and the desire to get to the bottom of every mystery.
I mean really if you 1) suspect your stepfather is trying to kill you 2) have been invited to join a strange organization of people with red hair 3) have been accused of stealing government documents or 4) are being pursued by a Criminal Mastermind, who else would you call upon?

I need not go on. Proof is clearly evident in the fact that everyone from Laurie R. King to the writers of Star Trek: The Next Generation have tried to bring Holmes back.  I can’t count the number of spoofs, takeoffs, imitations, or works of homage there have been over the last hundred years.

And then there’s Sherlock, with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman.

I rest my case. 

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Gram said...

Loved the original. I can't count the times I have re-read them all. Dee
Like Laurie R. King, too!