Wednesday, September 25, 2013


by Clare O'Donohue

One type of common writer conversation has been covered so well this week already (The “I’m a writer who doesn’t write but I have great ideas, and that's what matters” chat. Every writer has had this conversation. Seriously, where do these people come from?)

So I thought I’d write my favorite kind of writing conversation, several of which I had last weekend at Bouchercon, the annual mystery convention.

Writer: Are you an author?

Me: I am. I write two mystery series.

Writer: I’m a mystery writer too. (I’m a bestseller, my first book is coming out, I write cozies, thrillers, historical…. This part doesn’t really matter). It’s fun isn’t it?

Me: The writing part? So much fun.

Writer: I’m working on a new book and one of my characters refuses to die. He was supposed to be my victim, and he’s not having it.

Me: My characters have been ignoring everything I say. Especially this new guy. He was supposed to be in one scene, but he said the funniest things so I kept him around. 
Problem is, he’s changing everything and I…

Writer: … don’t know what will happen next? Been there. In fact, I’m there now.  Wouldn’t have it any other way? Would you?

Me: Nope. It sounds crazy to say it out loud doesn't it?
Writer: Not to me. Though my characters think you're a bit messed up.

(Conversation interrupted by another writer)

Writer 2: Do either of you know a good poison that would seem like a heart attack? Something I could put in a drink?

Writer & Me (together): We do.

 (Passing waiter looks slightly unnerved that three seemingly normal people are so delighted by discussing ways to kill others.)
By the way, I released a book yesterday. THE DOUBLE WEDDING RING , the 5th in my Someday Quilts series.


Mo said...

Bouchercon was so much fun. I sat in on one of your panels and really enjoyed it. I am a reader not a writer but I do so love eavesdropping on those sort of fun writer conversations.

Catriona McPherson said...

Hi Clare and Mo - so true about Bouchercon. I've come home energised (well drained and quaking with exhaustion)and inspired (that's true). Hooray for Nell and Someday No. 5! It's climbing the charts, I believe.

Meredith Cole said...

Two mystery writers talking about ways to kill people can clear a hotel elevator so incredibly fast! Sounds like you had a blast at B'con. Hopefully I can go next year. It's always a blast...

Unknown said...

Thanks Mo. It was a fun panel! And Catriona & Meredith - Bouchercon was amazing,as always. Now I have a cold, but it was worth it!