Wednesday, October 23, 2013


by Clare O'Donohue

I routinely use bits and pieces of my real life in my fiction. My quilting shows up in the Someday Quilts mysteries. The town in that series, Archers Rest, began life in the cemetery of Sleepy Hollow NY. (The real one, not the one in the FOX TV show with the super dreamy English actor playing Ichabod Crane.). I was wandering through the cemetery looking for names to use for my characters and I came across a man's grave from the mid 1700s. His name was John Archer. I liked the name, liked the idea that I was standing where John had gone to his rest, and so... well, you get the idea.

And, as I've mentioned before, my work as a TV producer provides some of the background information for my Kate Conway mysteries. While I don't use the stories I've actually produced for TV shows, certain elements about the job and the people I've met does creep into her world. The line in Missing Persons about Kate being yelled at because she ended an interview when a tornado struck - yep, that was me who got yelled at by an executive producer who had clearly never experienced the "run for the basement" effect a tornado can have on a person.

But that isn't this week's question. This week's question is "What from my fictional world has turned up in my real world?"

Well, nothing actually. No odd, "hey didn't I write something similar" moments. No "he kind of reminds me of  one of my characters" encounters. Nada. Zip. Not even once.


But given the number of people who've turned up dead in my books, a character being stalked, another being shot, a town being shot up with my heroine in the middle of it... I'm pretty happy about that.

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