Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Guest author Melodie Campbell

Vicki here today, happy to welcome my good friend Melodie Campbell to blog in my place.  Being the super-efficient ED of the Crime Writers of Canada, Melodie is so far ahead, she is anwering the question of the week for two weeks from now.  Take it away, Mel. 

Do you ever take out real life rage on fictional murder victims? Are any of your victims based on people who pissed you off in real life?


By Melodie Campbell

Here’s some news for all you sociopaths out there, and just plain nasties: Don’t mess with a crime writer.  We know at least twenty ways to kill you and not get caught.

On paper, of course . We’re talking about fictional kills here.

Or are we?

My name is Melodie Campbell, and I write comic mob capers for a living. And for the loving. So I know a bit about the mob. Like espresso and cannoli, you might say they come with my Sicilian background.
This should make people nervous. (Hell, it makes ME nervous.)

But I digress. To recap:  the question offered here was:

Do you ever take out real life rage on fictional murder victims? Are any of your victims based on people who pissed you off in real life?

Oh sweetie, don’t I ever.

One of the joys of being a writer is playing out scenarios in your fiction that you dream about at night.  One of these is murder.  (The other is sex, but that would be my other series, the Rowena fantasy one.)
Back to grievous bodily harm. Like in Gilbert and Sullivan’s Mikado, I have my little list.
To the covert colleague who made out to be friends and then bad-mouthed me to the board at a previous job.  Yes, you got caught red-handed. I called your bluff.  But better than that, I made your mealy-mouthed sorry hide a star of THE GODDAUGHTER’S REVENGE.  Good bye, Carmine the rat.  You live forever in fictional history.

He never will be missed.

To the sociopathic boss who undermined an entire department and got a kick out of making my sweet younger colleagues cry: may you age like a hag and end up alone.  Oh wait – you did. And not just in A PURSE TO DIE FOR.

She never will be missed.

Oh, the joy of creating bad guys and gals from real-life creeps!  The crafty thing is, when you design a villain based on people you have met in person and experienced in technicolor, they sound real. Colourful.  Their motivations are believable, because they actually exist. No cardboard characters here! 

Of course, I may fudge a few details to keep out of jail. Names and professions change. Males can morph into females.

But fictional murder can be very satisfying. (Definitely more satisfying than fictional sex.)  Revenge is sweet, when coupled with royalties. 

You can ignore that crack about fictional kills only. Of course we’re only talking books; in my case, light-hearted murder mysteries, and mob crime capers.

That’s right: mob capers. Like I said: never mess with a Sicilian Goddaughter.

Melodie Campbell achieved a personal best this year when Library Journal compared her to Janet Evanovich.  Her fifth novel, THE GODDAUGHTER’S REVENGE, has just been released by Orca Books


Unknown said...

How sweet it is, as Jackie Gleason used to say. Such fun to be able to harmlessly get revenge. You are a genius at making people laugh at the criminal element, Melodie.

Alison E. Bruce said...

Of course you do have to show reasonable care. For instance, I was going to kill off my ex-husband, but I knew that might upset my children.

(Kidding - I was only going to rough his up a bit.)

Gloria Ferris Mystery Writer said...

Thanks for the ideas, Mel. Up to now, I've made up my villains. No more. I just hope I can disguise them enough to stay out of court ...

Melodie Campbell said...

Laff! Alison, a good reminder to us all, re the ex. Thanks, everyone for commenting!

Vicki Delany said...

Thanks for joining us, Mel. Sorry I'm late to the party, but I've been offline for a few days.