Friday, October 25, 2013

Thanks, But No Thanks!

By Sue Ann Jaffarian

 My response to this week's question is a happy and hearty N-O!

My real life has never taken a turn that parrots something I've written. But, like Clare, I often use experiences from my life in my books.

Odelia Grey, the protagonist of my flagship series by the same name, has a much more interesting and dangerous life than I do, even though we are both middle-aged, plus-size paralegals working in law firms. 

And I like it that way.

For instance, I've never fired a gun, found a dead body, been shot or shot at, been beaten or beaten someone else, had to run for my life, escaped from a burning building, had to rescue a boss, had my home broken into or a pet kidnapped. I've also never met a contract killer (that I know of) or made friends with a fugitive (that I know of).  I've never even been questioned by police regarding a crime.

Then again, I guess there's still time ...

I just started the 10th Odelia Grey novel. It has a working title of Junk In The Trunk and opens with Odelia finding a corpse in the trunk of her car.

No. No. No. Don't even think about it.
* * * * *

Coming Dec. 2013
News on other Odelia Grey fronts:

Secondhand Stiff, the 8th Odelia Grey novel, will be released the beginning of December, and I just completed Murder Ball, the 9th book in the series, due out in 2014.

And look for the audio edition of Too Big To Miss, the first book in the series, to be released in early 2014.

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