Tuesday, October 29, 2013

They're not like me

How Has Writing Your Main Character Changed You as a Person?

By Vicki Delany

I can’t say it has. Not at all.  The act of being a writer has changed me, made me more content with my lot, allowed me to lead the quiet, simple life I like.

But changed by my characters? Not really.

Molly Smith, in the Smith and Winters series from Poisoned Pen Press, is 26 years old when the series begins. I’m a lot more like her mom than I am like Molly. Her mom, in fact, is the sort of feisty person I’d be if I wasn’t so afraid of confrontation.

Then there’s Fiona MacGillivray of the Klondike Gold Rush series.  You wouldn't want to hear that I’ve become anything like Fiona. A woman on her own since the age of 11, in late-Victorian times, Fiona has survived by being ruthless, unscrupulous, and never afraid to turn a mark to her advantage.  The only reason she’s gone to the Klondike to open a saloon and dance hall, at to live on the right side of the law for a change, is so her son Angus can stay with her rather than be packed off to boarding school while Fiona goes about making her less than honourable living.

Initially, Fiona has only one loyalty – to Angus. But as the books progress she begins to accept the friendship of the people she meets in the Yukon. She even takes on a business partner; a tough little street fighter from the slums of Glasgow called Ray Walker.  And her defenses begin to crumble ever so slowly.

I trusted few people in this world. Angus, of course, who would love me no matter what. Ray Walker, I trusted with our business. I had friends here in Dawson, an experience that was somewhat new to me, but no one I would permit to know the details of my life or of my secrets.

Only Richard Sterling came close. And when I sometimes looked into his warm brown eyes or saw the edges of his mouth turn up in a rare private smile, I thought that if I were looking for a man this is the one I would choose.

                … Gold Web, by Vicki Delany

Maybe, Fiona is becoming a little bit more like me!

Gold Web, the fourth in the Klondike Gold Rush series will be released by Dundurn Press in December. Until then I will be running a series I call Klondike Fridays on my blog, One Woman Crime Wave.  Interesting facts about the Klondike Gold Rush along with lots of great pictures.  All that research I couldn’t squeeze into the book. Check it out here.

Gold Web is now available for pre-order from all your favourite sources.



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