Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Happy Holiday Reading

As usual (always?) I have a bunch of books on the go right now. What's completely unusual: 3 of these books have me HOOKED. If you find yourself looking for something to read, let me recommend:

DRUNK MOM by Jowita Bydlowska

While not the most sympathetic protagonist (she's drunk all the time; she has an infant), the writing is honest, bold, and hilarious. (Dark humor.) It's a memoir (meaning it's a true story of the author's first year as a parent), and extremely well-written. The kind of book where you're planning to meet someone for lunch and you show up a bit early on purpose so you can catch a few minutes of reading before they arrive.


I always find Kim Moritsugu's writing addictive. Something about her voice and her characters feels both familiar and fresh to me. I've never been able to put down one of her novels. 

This is my favorite yet. It's about a perfect housewife who decides to have an affair, so she starts an exclusive dinner club as a creative way to meet men. The cast of characters is delicious, and the book reads like a smart, sarcastic soap opera. (Like Gossip Girl for grown-ups.)

It's not out for release until May 2014, so I'm stoked to have an advance copy. It's available on NetGalley free right now—if you have an account, snag a copy.


I'm only a few pages into this novel, and already I've found one of my favorite lines in literature ever:

Most folks think of hell as some far-off pit of fire and brimstone, but the truth is it's all around them, a hair's breadth from the world that they can see -- always pressing, testing, threatening to break through.”

I've heard lots about Chris' writing from friends in the crime community, and now I know they're right: this guy is a master craftsman. I'm excited to keep reading this book.

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Thanks for the kind words, Robin!