Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Out, Dammed Spot!

Everyone probably has a favorite detective, but who is your favorite fictional murderer?

By Vicki Delany

Tough one. I honestly can’t think of a fictional murderer who has stuck in my head enough for me to even remember them much less call them my favourite.

Because, frankly, no matter how you look at it, murder is not a good thing.  We could always ask the age old question – if you could go back in time and kill Hitler, would you?  So I suppose a book about such a person might put them in the ‘good’ murderer category.

But I don’t read many of that sort of book. The problem with time travel, I’ve always thought, is that if you can keep doing things until you get it right, then nothing really matters.  In Stephen King’s 11/22/63 the character does just that to prevent the assassination of Kennedy.  But – spoiler alert – although Kennedy lives, the unforeseen consequences are worse than if history had been allowed to proceed as it had.

It’s a difficult question because, as Meredith pointed out, I’d probably be giving away the ending to a book you might not have read. Like letting you know that Macbeth, spurred on by Lady Macbeth, killed the king.

Wow! Gave that one away!

Lady Macbeth is tormented by what she has done.  Tormented to the point of killing herself though guilt.
I guess you can’t ask much more of a murderer than that.

As for who killed a man who staggered out of the dark to collapse at the feet of a startled Fiona McGillivray, only to live long enough to say “McGillivray” and “Culloden” with his dying breath, you’ll have to read my newest book, Gold Web: A Klondike Mystery to find out.

Gold Web was released just before Christmas by Dundurn Press and is the fourth in the Klondike Gold Rush series.

Fiona MacGillivray wonders why he linked her name with the “bloodiest of all battles.” Corporal Richard Sterling of the NWMP wonders who stabbed the man three times through the heart.  

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Barry Knister said...

Kudos to you for having devised an extremely effective opening scene. Who wouldn't want to find out the answer to your question???

Vicki Delany said...

Thanks, Barry!