Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Coffee & More Coffee

Question of the Week: Do you do anything to get you in the mood to write? Do you need anything special beside you?

My Answer:

I don't have a getting-ready-to-write ritual, like I used to when I waitressed. (Then, it was listening to the Pet Shop Boys' "Discography" album and singing along at top volume to songs like "Rent," "Opportunities," and "Domino Dancing.") But I do need the following in order to have a hope in hell of pushing out a decent day's word count:
  1. Coffee—strong and black
  2. A good breakfast
  3. A view of the outside world—be it nature or boats or cars or people
  4. A computer
  5. A good enough sleep to not feel like a zombie
  6. No one who needs anything from me
  7. More coffee


RJ Harlick said...

Yup, I need a view of the outside world too, although I was just reading that one of the writing tips Stephen King offers is to hide yourself away from all distractions, including windows. Each to their own.

Meredith Cole said...

I used to think I needed a very quiet room. And then I started writing in cafes when my child was a baby and realized that I didn't mind the noise--I just couldn't write when someone needed something from me.

Oh, yes. And coffee is very important.

Robin Spano said...

Ha! Yeah I guess that does show how different we all are. Or maybe it's a testament to how dark and into his own mind Stephen King has to go to come up with his twisted ideas, whereas you and I are writing more about the real world as we see it.