Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Top 10 Signs That You're Really a Writer

Question of the Week: Did you ever have any doubts about your decision to be a writer?

My Answer: Sure, I used to doubt that decision every time I ran into a snag and wanted to toss my manuscript into a volcano, and maybe jump in after it.

Now, though, I refer to this handy checklist of TOP TEN SIGNS THAT YOU'RE REALLY A WRITER. Miraculously, I always come out shining.

You know you're a writer if...

  1. You deconstruct movies when you watch them, analyzing plot, character, dialogue, and you KNOW how you would do it better.
  2. You view “real jobs” as time fillers before your true calling emerges.
  3. You eavesdrop on strangers' conversations, and you consider it character study.
  4. You daydream, possibly in dialogue.
  5. You automatically proofread menus, ticket stubs, cereal boxes. Usually you find at least one error.
  6. You like alcohol or other forms of escapism a little too much.
  7. You prefer Scrabble to Monopoly.
  8. You love, love, love to read.
  9. You enjoyed writing when you were young.
  10. You officially don't like people but you find them secretly fascinating

***Note: This list is an amalgamation/condensation of others I found on the internet when doing research for a recent speech I gave.

***Note 2: This list is not scientific. If you think you're a writer, and nothing on this list applies to you, feel free to write a book anyway.

***Note 3: If you want to be a writer but you're currently a model citizen, don't feel that you have to take up drinking, misanthropy and eavesdropping.


Paul D. Marks said...

Robin, love your point #1 about deconstructing movies. It's gotten so "bad" here even my wife does it without me.

Unknown said...

I am such a big eavesdropper that I very nearly pull up a chair. I am trying to get more subtle, but it's hard. Sometimes, when I get caught, I want to explain, "It's okay, I'm not crazy or anything, I'm a writer." Not sure this would help.

Meredith Cole said...

Love your list--especially the "love, love, love to read" and the eavesdropping... It's research, people!

Susan C Shea said...

Love it! I'm all of those things. Eavesdropping can be frustrating when you only get a juicy little snippet, but that's the time for "what ifs." Thanks for reminding me why I don't need to be too embarrassed by my habits.

Barry Knister said...

#11. Walking, driving, cooking, you develop dialogue and do this by speaking it out loud to yourself. You do it so much that you are no longer self-conscious about people staring. Especially now, when every other person is alone and talking, Bluetooth at the ready.