Wednesday, October 8, 2014


by Clare O'Donohue

Q: What's your biggest dream / ambition as a writer?

Yesterday Robin answered this question perfectly and I am tempted to say, "What she said" and end there. But that would be cheating.

So I'm going to elaborate, in hopes that it counts as something new...

1. I want to make a living as a full time novelist. I say novelist rather than just writer, because technically my job is as a TV writer and in case the universe listens in on such things, I don't want them to get confused. I've seen the Twilight Zone. I know how you make a wish to have time to do nothing but read. And the world ends, so you finally do. But then you smash your glasses. I'm not getting screwed by fate because I wasn't specific enough.

I'm not greedy. I realize I'm very lucky in the writing department to have been published and to make money at it. So I'm not saying, "I want to beat James Patterson's annual salary." (Though, universe, I'm fine with that in case you're asking.) I want to replace my TV income with the earnings I make from just writing my books and stories. That would be an amazing accomplishment.

2. I want to be a really good writer. I have always said that I want my 50th book to be my masterpiece. I want to get better with each book, as I learn from my own work and from the work of other people. I want to write, not just a sentence or paragraph that makes me tingle with excitement, but a whole book. That would be even more amazing than beating Patterson.

So, yeah, "What she said" pretty much sums it up...

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Robin Spano said...

I love your expansions. So true, so dead true. I'm glad you didn't go first because I would have had to literally say, "What she said."

I laughed out loud at: "I'm not getting screwed by fate because I wasn't specific enough."