Tuesday, May 19, 2015

My Life of Crime

This week's question: Looking back over your life, can you see the early clues that you were going to be a crime writer one day?

Clue #1: Nancy Drew (or, as my talented friend Hilary Davidson calls her: the gateway drug)

I happened up on my grandmother's stash of musty Nancy Drew novels when I was 7. I started with The Secret of the Old Clock and devoured the rest of her collection from there.

Clue #2: my first novel

A few years ago, my mom was packing for a move and found an 8-page “novel” I'd written in grade three, complete with a hard spine and an author bio. It was called The Mystery of the Pyramid, and included a map, a secret tunnel, hidden passages, and the police.

Clue #3: my mother the spy

When I was 10, I watched my mom smile one time and thought I detected an air of insincerity. I knew she was hiding something. I couldn't figure out what, but I figured if she was masking this secret so well, it must be big. The cold war was raging at the time. The only solution that made sense to me was that she must be a Russian spy.

Adding it up: I read crime fiction, wrote it, and imagined nefarious plots in real life. I think my destiny was sealed from a very young age.


Susan C Shea said...

I love it - your mother, the spy! Who says finding plot ideas is hard? Not the masters of CM. I would agree: You were definitely on the track for your career at an early stage.

Paul D. Marks said...

I think your mother was a spy, Robin. My father-in-law worked for the government overseas, supposedly for the Treasury Dept. But I always tell my wife that was just his CIA cover. -- And I think I saw him and your mom at the spy reunion convention. :)

Robin Spano said...

Oh that's why my mom slipped off for a few days to meet "old friends."

I would say there's a very good chance your father-in-law was indeed a spy.