Thursday, July 9, 2015

Pass the Drawn Butter

Which book have you read that makes you wish you could sit
down for a gab fest with the writer, living or dead?
lobster bib

I’ve read too many great books to narrow down my answer to the author of a single book, so I’m going to throw an old-fashioned clambake, and invite some of my favorite New England writers to help me polish off the feast. While we’re chowing down on delicacies from the sea, I figure I can pick their crime- (and horror-) writing brains.

On the invitation list:

Mr. Stephen King

Mr. Dennis Lehane

Mr. Robert B. Parker

I don’t think I would have to initiate any of the conversation—with this group, I’d just sit back, enjoy my seafood, and listen to their tales. I mean, together they must have written more than a hundred books, with many landing on the upper echelon of the NY Times Bestseller list.

In fact, there might be so much to talk about that we’d need someone to moderate things, so I’d invite 30-time Emmy Award winning journalist/award-winning mystery writer Hank Phillippi Ryan to keep things running smoothly (and to add some style and class to the event).

After we finished eating, I’d ask everyone to sign my lobstah bib.


Paul D. Marks said...

Hope they'll sign your bib in blood, Alan. :)

Susan C Shea said...

Hank would definitely keep things moving along and interesting! And she eats like a bird, so there would be plenty of lobstah for the rest of you.

RJ Harlick said...

Sounds like fun. I'll join you. And I love clams and lobster too.

Alan Orloff said...

Plenty of food for everyone! And lobstah bibs, too!